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        "This is the captain. We are running down the target. Let us attend our duties well. This is what we’ve trained for."
        科目三掉头Commander Ernest Krause科目三掉头


        Greyhound is a 2020 war movie set in World War II starring 科目三掉头Tom Hanks. Hanks also wrote the screenplay, an adaptation of the historical novel The Good Shepherd by C.S. Forester.

        The film recounts the story of Commander Ernest Krause (Hanks), commanding officer of the USS Keeling who is on his first escort duty run being in charge of convoy HX 25. As the convoy traverses the dread Mid-Atlantic gap region aka "The Black Pit" where the Allies' powerful air forces don't have enough range yet at that time to cover. With Krause's ships now the only protection available until they reach Britain's air range, the voyage turns arduous when a U-boat wolfpack finds the convoy.

        The film was going to be released theatrically until the COVID-19 Pandemic delayed said release. It was then acquired by Apple TV+ to be streamed.



        • Agony of the Feet: Krause has stood for so long his feet have begun to bleed, and removes his shoes to replace them with his bedside slippers.
        • America Saves the Day: Surprisingly averted for a film set on an American Destroyer. The film features Destroyers and Escort Ships of multiple nationalities, including British and Canadian. The Flying Boats used for Convoy Escort Duty are marked appropriately, including an RAF PBY towards the end. Although GREYHOUND manages to sink two U-boats unassisted, a third sunk with the help of DICKIEnote , and the final U-Boat was sunk by an RAF PBY which GREYHOUND marked by shooting at its position.
        • Animal Motifs: The U-boats are explicitly compared to a wolf pack out on the hunt. They're also accompanied by ominous squeals as they surface, like a pod of killer whales.
        • 科目三掉头

        • Big Bad: Grey Wolf is the closest to one in the movie, as the only U-Boat commander to have an identity and interacts with Krause through threats and gloats.
        • The Big Board: The action frequently cuts to the chart table in GREYHOUND's CIC to help viewers understand how and why the ship is maneuveringnote .
        • Bottomless Magazines: Averted; after a full night of action, the captain is informed they're down to only six depth charges. Krause also has to repeatedly warn the other escorts to conserve their fuel.
        • Burial at Sea: When Krause's ship runs out of room for the dead from an attack, Commander Krause has to approve a burial at sea.
        • The Captain: Ernest Krause has the rank of Commander, but as GREYHOUND's CO, he has the title of Captain.
        • Central Theme: That the execution of one's duties must take precedence, even at the cost of your personal well-being. Krause forgoes meals and stays standing until his feet bleed, but he refuses to abandon his post until a superior officer bluntly orders him to take a break and get his ship repaired. In the end, he's physically broken but emotionally/spiritually sated.
        • The Chains of Commanding: Commander Krause constantly grapples with his decisions, and admits to his XO he doesn't think he's doing a good enough job, but he follows protocol and duty to the letter. Only once during the film does he tell a junior officer not to bother him with a technical matter, as that decision rests with someone else, showing he can delegate when needed.
        • Darkness = Death: Although they do attack during the day, the Wolfpack prefer to strike at night when they're less likely to be spotted on the surface.
        • Evil Gloating: Grey Wolf keeps radioing Krause to gloat about how he and the Wolfpack are going to kill them all, even making wolf howls. Each time this happens Krause has to order a frequency change as the only way to shut him up.
        • Friend or Foe: Even though a U-boat is plainly visible on the surface, Krause has to order his gunners to stop firing at it as there's another vessel behind the U-boat in the line of fire. Moments later that vessel opens fire on them in return.
        • Gosh Dang It to Heck!: Anytime an officer or crewman curses in front of Krause, he gives them a look. They immediately apologize for swearing, even in the heat of battle.
        • Gunship Rescue: When the convoy is almost out of ammunition and about to be overwhelmed, aircraft from British RAF Coastal Command swoop in to bomb the U-boats.
        • 科目三掉头The Main Characters Do Everything: There are four escort ships in the convoy but, on screen GREYHOUND is the only one to sink any of the attacking German subs, and does so on multiple occasions. However, the three other escorts do claim three subs between them offscreen according to dialogue at the end.
        • More Dakka: The sheer amount of fire that GREYHOUND can put down on a single target is pretty impressive for a Destroyer. Fletcher Class Destroyers had 5 127mm guns, up to 6 40mm Bofors Gun tubs, multiple 20mm and 12.7mm mounts as well. When focused onto a single U-Boat, this amount of firepower easily overpowers said submarine, and they don't tend to last very long.
        • Multinational Team: As expected from the Western Allies, the escorts consist of one American (GREYHOUND), one Canadian (DICKIE) a British warship (HARRY), and a Polish ship (EAGLE). The convoy itself is even more diverse, including one Greek ship.
        • Must Have Caffeine: Krause refuses to eat but has to keep drinking coffee to keep himself awake.
        • Nose Art: The Wolfpack all have sigils painted on the conning tower, specifically a wolf for Grey Wolf. The Coastal Command Catalina has artwork on its depth bombs.
        • Real Men Love Jesus: Central to Krause's character is his faith and how he seeks comfort, guidance, and strength through prayer.
        • Red Alert: The crew is called to General Quarters repeatedly throughout the film. Usually just after Cleveland has prepared a meal for Krause.
        • Riding into the Sunset: The escorts minus Eagle end up doing a nautical version of this at the end when relieved by another escort fleet.
        • Rock and a Hard Place: At one point, GREYHOUND must contend with two torpedoes fired at her from two different directions, with almost no options for maneuvering.
        • Rookie Red Ranger: Despite his age, rank, and position (he's not just GREYHOUND's captain, he's also commander of the escort force), Krause is undertaking his first crossing. Many of his junior sailors have much more experience than him.
        • Sadistic Choice: At one point Krause must decide whether or not to rescue men from a burning tanker or remain in position to cover the other ships. He is able to save only four survivors, only to see an explosion in the distance as a torpedo hits one of the unprotected ships.
        • Sensor Suspense: Everything depends on the Allied escort's SONAR and hydrophone equipment to find the U-boats when submerged and RADAR when they surfaced. Unfortunately for the former, the U-boats have new decoys they can deploy to lure the Allied escorts off target and waste ammunition. The RADAR also malfunctions early in the battle despite efforts to repair it.
        • Sneeze of Doom: The Talker (the sailor who relays messages sent via the sound-powered telephone) pauses to sneeze as they're closing in on a U-boat, and so has to ask for a message from the sonar operator to be repeated. His superior is not amused and he's warned he'll be relieved of duty if he does that again.
        • Spiritual Antithesis: To the classic German U-boat drama, Das Boot. In this film, the Allied surface naval escorts are the focus of the story.
        • The Voice: The captains of the other escort ships (and the head u-boat captain) are often heard over the radio, and their ships are seen, but they never appear in person.
        • Vulnerable Convoy: When Convoy HX 25 enters the Black Pit, the U-boats have the advantage with no Allied aircraft looking for them from above.
        • War Is Hell: The convoy has a tough time enduring U-boat wolf pack attacks that could strike from any angle at any time in the Black Pit, and there are casualties.
        • Wrong Name Outburst: Krause accidentally calls Mess Mate Pitts "Cleveland" after the latter was KIA.
        • 科目三掉头You Called Me "X"; It Must Be Serious: As the convoy's situation gets more desperate, XO Charlie Cole begins addressing Krause as "Ernie".

        "The night cometh when no man can work."


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