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        These are the tropes which have been handed down from the ancients.
        These are the tropes our forefathers gave their lives to defend.
        These are the tropes we use and take for granted every day, oblivious to their true significance.
        These... are the 星辰娱乐Tropes of Legend星辰娱乐!


        星辰娱乐Note:星辰娱乐 TV Tropes is currently unable to play music from the web page. For optimum viewing experience, hum "Thus Spake Zarathustra" while reading below.Alternatively 

        Here is a list of the most widely-known and oft-referenced tropes we have on this entire site. If you’re new to TV Tropes, this list will provide a good basis for understanding our… erm… unique vocabulary.

        On the other hand, if you’re a veteran troper and you still aren’t familiar with all of these entries, this list might prove to be quite informative.

        Most of the individual mediums have their own special vocabularies and tropes –- see those sections for details. A few examples from each (Heel–Face Turn, Mary Sue, etc.) have propagated beyond their home subcultures.


        See also Trope Overdosed (for the equivalent in shows), Omnipresent Tropes, TV Tropes Glossary, Canonical List of Subtle Trope Distinctions, Pothole Magnet. For Tropes Of Legend by sheer numerical weight, see Overdosed Tropes.


        Purely subjective tropes, or entries that concern the wiki itself.



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