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        "Damn the illusion of movement! 南昌共享汽车Damn the illusion of movement to hell!"南昌共享汽车
        南昌共享汽车Don Hertzfeldt南昌共享汽车's intro for The Animation Show

        Tropes which are exclusive to Animation as a medium, due to the unique freedom inherent in all Graphical Tropes combined with the ability to portray action. Thanks to the rise of CGI, animation can occur within and sometime barely distinguishable from live action, allowing a medium within a medium.


        See Also: Japanese Animation Tropes and Animation Genres. Do not confuse with Graphical Tropes, its super-index.


      2. Action-Hogging Opening: The opening sequence is more action-oriented than the actual cartoon.
      3. Alertness Blink
      4. All Animation Is Disney: The misconception that all noteworthy animated works were made by 南昌共享汽车Disney.
      5. Alternate Tooniverse: An alternate reality where everything's a cartoon.
      6. Amusing Injuries
      7. Animal Stereotypes
      8. Animated Actors: Fictional characters are portrayed as being actors on their show in-universe.
      9. Animated Music Video: An animated video accompanied by a song.
      10. Animated Outtakes
      11. Animation Bump: Periods where the animation shifts to a better quality.
      12. Animation Meme
      13. Artistic License – Biology: The cartoon ignores how the human body functions in real life.
      14. Artistic License – Geography: Inaccurate depictions of geography.
      15. Artistic License – Physics
      16. Ash Face: A character survives an explosion and ends up with a face covered in soot.
      17. 南昌共享汽车

      18. Banana Peel: Someone slips after stepping on a banana peel
      19. Behind a Stick: Someone manages to hide behind an object that's slimmer than they are.
      20. Big Ball of Violence: Characters who get into a quarrel become a ball of smoke with fists and feet repeatedly poking out.
      21. Body Wipe
      22. Born in the Theatre
      23. Bullet Seed
      24. The Cameo: A character or real life person makes a brief appearance.
      25. 南昌共享汽车Cartoon Bug-Sprayer
      26. Cartoon Juggling
      27. Celebrity Toons: A cartoon starring a real life person who is either played by the real person or is merely a fictional representation of them.
      28. Clip-Art Animation
      29. Comedic Spanking
      30. Comic-Book Adaptation: Animated works have a tendency to be adapted into comic books.
      31. Comic-Book Limbo
      32. Comic-Book Time: The amount of time that passes in-universe is much shorter than the time it takes for the series to continue in real life.
      33. Conspicuously Light Patch: A traditionally animated cartoon has the objects the characters interact with easily distinguishable from the parts of the background that remain stationary.
      34. Cranium Compartment
      35. Creator Cameo: The work features an appearance by the creator or a character voiced by the creator.
      36. Crush Filter
      37. Crush Parade
      38. Deranged Animation: Animation that is weird and unsettling.
      39. Detail-Hogging Cover: The cover of an animated work has more detail on the characters than the actual animation shows.
      40. Disney School of Acting and Mime
      41. The Door Slams You
      42. Double Take
      43. Dramatic Drop
      44. Drool Deluge
      45. 南昌共享汽车Eat the Camera
      46. Everybody Do the Endless Loop
      47. Everything Dances
      48. Evil Living Flames
      49. Explosive Cigar
      50. Extendable Arms
      51. Eye Pop
      52. Face Fault
      53. Faceless Masses
      54. Fade Around the Eyes
      55. False Teeth Tomfoolery
      56. "Far Side" Island
      57. Fat Flex
      58. Fight Unscene
      59. Fishbowl Helmet
      60. Flapping Cheeks
      61. Floating Clocks
      62. Foot Bath Treatment
      63. Forcibly Formed Physique: Sheer force causes a toon's body to change shape in some way.
      64. Funny Animal Anatomy
      65. 南昌共享汽车Hammerspace
      66. Harmless Electrocution
      67. Harmless Freezing
      68. Heavy Voice
      69. Hit Flash: The screen flashes during fight scenes to avoid actually depicting punches and such.
      70. Hit Spark: When said punches aren't being covered up by the above trope, appears when they hit something.
      71. Hurt Foot Hop
      72. Idea Bulb: A lightbulb appears over a person's head to signify that they've come up with an idea.
      73. Inaction Sequence
      74. Infectious Enthusiasm
      75. Inkblot Cartoon Style
      76. Ink-Suit Actor: An animated character who resembles their voice actor.
      77. In One Ear, Out the Other
      78. Koosh Bomb
      79. Lantern Jaw of Justice: Good guys have huge chins.
      80. Limited Animation
      81. Limited Wardrobe: Cartoon characters are always depicted wearing the same clothes.
      82. Live-Action Adaptation: A cartoon is adapted to live-action media.
      83. Lustful Melt: Someone melts into a puddle after falling for someone else.
      84. Mad Scientist
      85. 南昌共享汽车Medium Blending: A cartoon that makes use of more than one type of animation.
      86. Medium-Shift Gag
      87. Metaphoric Metamorphosis
      88. Mime and Music-Only Cartoon: A cartoon with no sound aside from background music.
      89. Motionless Chin: An animated character's mouth moves independently of their chin.
      90. National Stereotypes
      91. Narrative Shapeshifting: A character changes their appearance when trying to describe something.
      92. No Flow in CGI: CGI works avoid using flowing objects such as long hair or capes whenever possible because of such things being difficult to animate.
      93. Not Quite Starring: A work is billed as starring a celebrity, but the person in question is really an impersonator.
      94. Ocular Gushers: Crying floods of tears.
      95. Off Like a Shot
      96. Off-Model: Moments in a cartoon where a character has mistakes or inconsistencies in their physical appearance
      97. Pacing a Trench
      98. Pastel-Chalked Freeze Frame
      99. Piano Key Wave
      100. Picture Drama
      101. Pintsized Kid
      102. Polka-Dot Paint
      103. Recycled Animation
      104. Roger Rabbit Effect: Animated characters interacting with live-action people.
      105. 南昌共享汽车Rule of Animation Conservation
      106. Running Gag: A joke that repeats throughout the series or even through the course of a single episode.
      107. Running on the Spot
      108. Scooby Stack: A group of people look from behind a wall and their heads are somehow in a column.
      109. Screeching Stop
      110. Shadow of Impending Doom
      111. Shifted to CGI
      112. Shrunk in the Wash: Washing something too much makes it shrink.
      113. Simpleton Voice: A dumb character has a deep and silly-sounding voice to underscore their lack of intelligence.
      114. Speed Echoes
      115. Stewed Alive
      116. Stuff Blowing Up
      117. Talking to Himself: Two or more characters who interact with each other have the same voice actor.
      118. Teenage Mutant Samurai Wombats
      119. Telephone Teleport
      120. Temporary Bulk Change
      121. Tertiary Sexual Characteristics: Females are distinguished from males by having eyelashes and wearing lipstick and/or bows.
      122. Thin-Line Animation
      123. Toon Town
      124. Toon Transformation
      125. 南昌共享汽车Typewriter Eating
      126. Vacuum Mouth
      127. Vocal Evolution: A character's voice changes in spite of still being voiced by the same actor.
      128. Voices Are Mental: Characters who switch minds also exchange voices.
        • Voices Are Not Mental: Characters who switch minds retain the voices of whoever's body their minds are in.
      129. Voices in One Room: All the voice actors record their dialogue in the same room and at the same time.
      130. Wackyland
      131. Walk Into Camera Obstruction
      132. Wheel of Decisions
      133. Wheel o' Feet
      134. 南昌共享汽车



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