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        "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!"
        东方网Wash东方网, Firefly

        How characters betray each other's trust. Usually a Plot Twist of some kind, except when it 东方网isn't.

        Contrast A Trusting Index and Loyalty Tropes. See also Disguise Tropes and Friendly Fire Index.

        东方网Of course, beware of spoilers in these tropes.东方网


      2. Backstabbing the Alpha Bitch
      3. Bastard Understudy
      4. Because You Can Cope
      5. Betrayal by Inaction: Leaving someone to suffer or die instead of helping them.
      6. Betrayal by Offspring: A parent is betrayed by one of their children.
      7. Betrayal Insurance: A character makes plans against someone in case that person decides to turn on them.
      8. Big Bad Friend: The hero's friend turns out to be the main villain.
      9. Black Shirt: Someone who secretly wishes for the enemy to win so they can side with them.
      10. Bodyguard Betrayal: Someone gets betrayed by the person who was supposed to be protecting them.
      11. Broken Pedestal: Someone finds out that the person they idolized wasn't quite as heroic and noble as they thought they were.
      12. Category Traitor: Someone gets accused of betrayal for liking something that goes against their culture.
      13. 东方网Cavalry Betrayal: The Cavalry has arrived! Wait...why are they shooting us instead of helping us?!
      14. 东方网

      15. Cavalry Refusal: Your supposed rescue party isn't interested in saving you.
      16. Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: A character who always stabs everyone they help out in the back.
      17. Les Collaborateurs: Characters or governments who collaborate with an occupying power against their people.
      18. The Commies Made Me Do It: Character betrays the heroes due to coercion by a hostile power who has someone they love in their power.
      19. Conflicting Loyalty: A character must choose between two sides that they're on.
      20. The Corruptible
      21. Dangerous Deserter
      22. Dead Person Impersonation
      23. Deceptive Disciple: A student who seeks to betray their master.
      24. Deceptive Legacy: A kid is lied to about an absent parent.
      25. Defecting for Love
      26. Defector from Decadence: Someone leaves behind a group they're a part of out of disgust at their bad ways.
      27. Devour the Dragon: The Big Bad kills his top minion to get stronger.
      28. 东方网

      29. Disguised Hostage Gambit: The villains disguise innocent hostages as their minions in hopes of getting them killed by their would-be rescuers.
      30. The Dog Bites Back: A being who's been abused and tormented gets even with the people who were picking on them.
      31. Double Agent: A member of an organization who is secretly a mole working for an opposing organization.
      32. 东方网Et Tu, Brute?: A person is betrayed by the one they trusted most.
      33. Evil Former Friend: The villain used to be friends with the hero.
      34. Face–Heel Turn: A good guy becomes evil.
      35. False Friend: They were only pretending to be your friend so they could manipulate you into advancing their scheme.
      36. False Innocence Trick
      37. Failure-to-Save Murder: When a character blames a hero for letting someone die, when that hero did everything in their power to save them.
      38. Fake Defector: A good guy pretends to change sides to pull one over the enemy.
      39. The Farmer and the Viper: Helping out a villain is rewarded with the villain doing the person who helped them wrong.
      40. Finding Judas
      41. Going Native
      42. Gold Fever: Greed for riches drives you to betray your friends.
      43. The Heretic: A character who betrays their religion, or whose beliefs are seen as a betrayal by their religion.
      44. 东方网Heroic Team Revolt
      45. I Can Rule Alone
      46. Inside Job: A crime is committed or assisted by someone affiliated with the target.
      47. I Surrender, Suckers: Pretending to surrender so you can strike when the enemy has lowered their guard.
      48. I Will Punish Your Friend for Your Failure: A villain hurts someone a person cares about in order to punish them for something they did.
      49. Inevitable Mutual Betrayal
      50. Instant Allegiance Artifact
      51. In the Back: The best place to stab or shoot someone if you're a cowardly and treacherous bastard.
      52. Leave Behind a Pistol
      53. Love-Interest Traitor
      54. Love Makes You Evil
      55. Lovable Traitor
      56. Lured into a Trap: Someone, sometimes someone who is normally someone's friend, betrays them by leading them into a trap by people who mean the person harm.
      57. Lying Finger Cross
      58. Mistaken for Betrayal
      59. Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal: The bad guy mistreats his minions and his underlings repay his abuse by turning on him.
      60. The Mole: An underling of the villain who infiltrates the heroes by pretending to be on their side.
      61. The Mutiny: Insurrection aboard a ship against the ship's captain or commander.
      62. Nasty Party
      63. No Honor Among Thieves: Criminals are willing to betray each other if it suits them.
      64. Not Actually His Child
      65. Obvious Judas
      66. The Paragon Always Rebels: The "big figure" of the good guys suddenly decides to rebel for some reason.
      67. Parental Betrayal: When a parent (a mother or father) betrays their own offspring.
      68. Personal Horror
      69. Please Shoot the Messenger: When a messenger is sent to someone with a message instructing the receiver to kill them.
      70. Prisoner's Dilemma: Do you cooperate, stay silent and hope your partner doesn't betray you, or do you rat them out and hope they don't do the same to you?
      71. Properly Paranoid
      72. A Pupil of Mine Until He Turned to Evil: The villain used to be a student of the hero.
      73. The Quisling: Someone decides to pledge allegiance to the alien invaders.
      74. Rash Equilibrium: A meeting between enemies has both sides making plans against the other in response to trickery from the other side.
      75. Real Stitches for Fake Snitches
      76. Rebellious Rebel
      77. 东方网Regretful Traitor
      78. Renegade Splinter Faction
      79. Restricted Rescue Operation
      80. Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves: Someone gets punished for betraying someone other than the punisher.
      81. Shoot the Builder
      82. Shoot the Dangerous Minion: A villain's minion is getting too dangerous for his own good! Better get rid of them before they start getting ideas...
      83. The Smart One Turns Traitor: The smartest or wisest of a team turns out to be or ends up becoming a traitor to their group and their cause.
      84. Sixth Ranger Traitor: The newest member of the team turns out to secretly be a villain intent on destroying the group from within.
      85. The Starscream: An underling of the main villain who plans to overthrow their boss.
      86. Stealing the Credit
      87. The Stool Pigeon
      88. Subverted Suspicion Aesop: Someone believes a character claiming to be good or reformed to be untrustworthy. After it looks like they're just being paranoid, their suspicions of the other person really being evil become validated.
      89. Team Killer: A character who kills people on their own side or team.
      90. Traitor Shot
      91. Transhuman Treachery: A character who becomes something other than human abandons and seeks to prey upon their former species.
      92. Treacherous Advisor
      93. Treacherous Quest Giver
      94. Treachery Cover Up
      95. Treachery Is a Special Kind of Evil
      96. Trouble Magnet Gambit
      97. 东方网Turncoat
      98. Undercover When Alone
      99. Unfriendly Fire: A character "frags" someone on their own side of the conflict.
      100. Unwitting Pawn: Someone is being manipulated all along and doesn't know it.
      101. Uriah Gambit: A subordinate is sent on a mission meant to get rid of them.
      102. The Usurper
      103. Vichy Earth
      104. Was It All a Lie?: Someone finds out that they have been lied to by a loved one and ponders whether the fabrication means that everything concerning their relationship with this person was insincere.
        • Becoming the Mask: What was intended to be the cover of the mole ends up becoming how they really are.
      105. Welcome Back, Traitor
      106. We Used to Be Friends: Bitter rivals used to be the best of friends.
      107. Wounded Gazelle Gambit: Manipulating people by pretending that someone hurt you.
      108. Wrong Side All Along: It turns out the heroes were unwittingly helping the bad guys.
      109. You Said You Would Let Them Go: The villain is called out for going ahead with hurting people they promised wouldn't be harmed.
      110. You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: The villain kills a subordinate after they've successfully done what they were ordered to do.
      111. Your Cheating Heart: Cheating on your spouse.

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