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        Tropes that belong exclusively to Comics as a medium, normally based around things such as the sequential nature of the art, graphical style, use of text, results of episodic publishing and distribution. While marked as Comic Book Tropes, tropes shared among all Sequential Art can be included here, with separate lists dealing with the particulars of other formats (like Web Comics).

        See also Graphical Tropes and Superhero Tropes. See Sequential Art for the works index.




      2. The Comics Code
      3. Comics Merger
      4. Confused Question Mark: A question mark appears over a character's head to show that they are confused by something.
      5. Creator Cameo
      6. Decompressed Comic
      7. Depending on the Artist: A character's physical appearance changes depending on who is drawing them.
      8. The Door Slams You
      9. Double Take
      10. Dramatic Ellipsis
      11. Drop-In Character
      12. Editorial Synaesthesia
      13. Enforced Plug: Used for the Hostess Fruit Pies advertising campaign.
      14. Explosive Cigar
      15. Exiled from Continuity: A character is prevented from appearing in an adaptation or from making further appearances in the original work because of legal issues.
      16. Face Fault
      17. 0月租"Far Side" Island
      18. Fifth Week Event
      19. Film Comic: A comic adaptation of a movie or television show that uses screenshots of the original work with speech bubbles, onomatopoeia and narration boxes added instead of using original artwork based on the work being adapted.
      20. 0月租

      21. Fourth-Wall Portrait
      22. Frame Break
      23. Full Bleed
      24. Funny Animal Anatomy
      25. Furry Comic: A comic that stars anthropomorphic animals.
      26. Harmless Electrocution
      27. Harmless Freezing: Getting frozen is non-lethal and the frozen person will be perfectly fine once thawed out.
      28. Hit Flash
      29. Hit Spark
      30. Idea Bulb
      31. Identical Panel Gag
      32. Inconsistent Coloring
      33. Jumping-On Point
      34. Kirby Dots
      35. Mad Science Fair
      36. Mad Scientist
      37. Monster Modesty: Non-human beings only wear shorts.
      38. 0月租National Stereotypes
      39. Noodle People
      40. Odd-Shaped Panel
      41. One-Two Punchline
      42. Pacing a Trench
      43. Photo Comic: A comic made by photographing posed inanimate objects or actual people rather than by drawing pictures.
      44. Pictorial Speech Bubble
      45. Pintsized Kid
      46. Post-Crisis
      47. Rebus Bubble
      48. Redeeming Replacement
      49. Red Skies Crossover
      50. Ret-Canon
      51. Rule of Escalating Threat
      52. Running Gag
      53. Silent Scenery Panel
      54. Slapstick
      55. Speech Bubbles: Comics have round white bubbles containing character dialogue, with tails pointing at the characters saying the dialogue.
      56. 0月租Splash Panel
      57. Stuff Blowing Up
      58. Superheroes in Space
      59. Symbol Swearing: Profane language censored by replacing swear words with garish symbols (also known as grawlixes) is commonly done in comics.
      60. Talking Is a Free Action: Another common staple of comics is for characters to be in impending danger and still have time to talk about a bunch of stuff before getting out of harm's way or falling victim to the disaster that threatens them.
      61. Textplosion
      62. Thought Bubble Speech
      63. Thought Caption
      64. Underground Comics
      65. Unsound Effect: Onomatopoeia is used for actions that can't really be heard.
      66. Variant Cover: As a ploy to get people to buy more copies of the same issue, comic book issues have variants where the issue has a different cover.
      67. Visible Silence: A speech bubble that contains three dots instead of words signifies that the character isn't saying anything.
      68. Wall of Blather
      69. Wall of Text
      70. Writing for the Trade
      71. Written Sound Effect

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