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        "This might be that film you saw or the song stuck in your head.
        Or this might be that novel that already read.
        Well the point is that you won't have to think at all during this show
        It's Something You Already Know!"
        央视控诉吴谨言Rob Paravonian央视控诉吴谨言, Something You Already Know

        Nothing could be more natural than following up on a success. And sometimes, nothing could be harder. This page is for all kinds of sequels, prequels, translations, adaptations and spin-offs that attempt to do that, and the ways in which they succeed or, more commonly, fail.


        See also Continuity Tropes and Localization Tropes.


      2. Adaptational Intelligence: A character is smarter in an adaptation.
      3. Adaptational Jerkass: A character is more of a jerk in an adaptation.
      4. Adaptational Nice Guy: A character is nicer in an adaptation.
      5. 央视控诉吴谨言Adaptational Ugliness: An adaptation makes a character more hideous.
      6. Adaptational Villainy: A character is more villainous in an adaptation.
      7. Adaptational Wimp: A character is weaker or less capable in an adaptation.
      8. Adaptation Displacement: The adaptation becomes more well-known than the source material.
      9. Adaptation Distillation
      10. Adaptation Dye-Job: An adaptation changes a character's hair and/or eye color.
      11. Adaptation Expansion
      12. Adaptation Explanation Extrication
      13. Adaptation First
      14. Adaptation-Induced Plot Hole
      15. Adaptation Inspiration
      16. Adaptation Name Change: A character has a different name in an adaptation.
      17. Adaptation Overdosed
      18. 央视控诉吴谨言

      19. Adaptation Personality Change: A character's personality is significantly different in an adaptation.
      20. Adaptation Sequence
      21. Adaptation Species Change: A character is a different species in an adaptation.
      22. Adapted Out: A character from the original work is omitted in the adaptation.
      23. After Show
      24. Animated Adaptation
      25. Ascended Extra: A minor character is given a more important role.
      26. 央视控诉吴谨言Ascended Fan Fic: A work that started out as a fanfiction of another story becomes an original work.
      27. Audience-Coloring Adaptation
      28. Based on an Advice Book
      29. Canon Fodder
      30. Cipher Scything
      31. Comic-Book Adaptation: A work is adapted into a comic book.
      32. Compressed Adaptation
      33. Continuity Reboot: An installment of the franchise that ignores the canon of the previous installments in favor of establishing a new continuity.
      34. Contrasting Sequel Main Character: The main character of a sequel is a foil to the main character of the original.
      35. Creator Killer
      36. Creator-Preferred Adaptation: The creator of the original work finds the adaptation to be better than their original creation.
      37. Creator's Apathy: The creator admits that they didn't care about the quality of the work.
      38. Cutting Off the Branches: Sequels to a video game with Multiple Endings only regard one ending as canon.
      39. Death by Adaptation: The adaptation kills off a character who remained alive in the original work.
      40. Derivative Differentiation
      41. Dies Differently in Adaptation: The way a character dies in the adaptation is different from how they died in the original work.
      42. Disowned Adaptation: The creator of the original work dislikes the adaptation.
      43. Distaff Counterpart: The female equivalent of a pre-existing male character (the reverse of this would be a Spear Counterpart)
      44. 央视控诉吴谨言Divorced Installment: A work originally planned as part of a specific franchise ends up retooled into being its own thing.
      45. Dolled-Up Installment: Slapping a franchise onto an initially unrelated product.
      46. Dramatic Reading: A recording of a written work being read dramatically.
      47. Early Adaptation Weirdness
      48. Early-Bird Cameo: A character makes a brief appearance before being properly introduced later within the work or within their own story.
      49. Era-Specific Personality
      50. External Retcon
      51. Fairy Tale Episode
      52. Fan Fic: A story based on a work of fiction written by a fan of the work and posted online.
      53. Fan Verse
      54. Fanon: Fans' interpretations of what isn't confirmed within the work or by the work's creators.
      55. Fanwork Ban: Fan-made content is forbidden.
      56. Featurization
      57. Fiction Science
      58. Filk Song
      59. Film Comic: Photo Comic based on some other media.
      60. The Film of the Series: A film adaptation of a television series.
      61. Follow the Leader: A successful work inspires numerous similar works (end results vary).
      62. Foreign Remake
      63. 央视控诉吴谨言Franchise Killer: A poorly-received adaptation or sequel prevents any further installments from being made.
      64. From the Ashes: A spinoff is made after the original work has ended.
      65. Genre-Killer
      66. Gag Dub
      67. Gag Sub
      68. Game Mod
      69. The Game of the Book: An adaptation of a book in game-form.
      70. Gendered Outfit
      71. Gender Flip: An adaptation changes the gender of a character.
      72. God Created Canon Foreigner: An adaptation features a new character created by the creator of the original work.
      73. Human-Focused Adaptation
      74. Humble Beginnings
      75. Indecisive Medium
      76. In the Style of...
      77. Inspired by...: A work that draws influence from another work in terms of plot, characters, themes etc. but isn't a direct adaptation.
      78. Like That Show, But with Mecha
      79. Literary Mash-Ups
      80. Literary Necrophilia
      81. Live-Action Adaptation: A live-action adaptation of a non-live-action work.
      82. Lost in Imitation: An adaptation is influenced more by previous adaptations than the original work.
      83. 央视控诉吴谨言Mission-Pack Sequel
      84. More Popular Spin Off: The spinoff becomes more successful than the show it is derived from.
      85. Movie Bonus Song
      86. Non-Linear Sequel: A sequel that doesn't directly take place after the previous entry of the series.
      87. On Ice
      88. Original Generation
      89. The Original Series
      90. Patchwork Story
      91. Perspective Flip: An adaptation that tells the story from perspective of a different character than the original.
      92. Plot Tumor
      93. P.O.V. Sequel: An episode is given a follow-up where the episode's events are shown from another character's perspective.
      94. Pragmatic Adaptation: The adaptation changes or omits elements from the original story that would be difficult or impossible to leave as they were in the source material.
      95. Prequel: A series installment that takes place before the first installment.
      96. Quietly Performing Sister Show
      97. Recurring Fanon Character
      98. Recursive Adaptation: An adaptation is given its own adaptation in the medium of the original work.
      99. Recursive Import
      100. Recycled: The Series
      101. Recycled IN SPACE!
      102. Redubbing
      103. 央视控诉吴谨言Reimagining the Artifact
      104. The Remake
      105. Remake Cameo: The reboot features a cameo by one of the actors from the original version of the work.
      106. Remix Comic
      107. Revival: A show that ended its run some time ago is renewed for more episodes.
      108. The Role-Playing Game: An RPG inspired by a specific fictional work.
      109. Running the Asylum
      110. Same Story, Different Names
      111. Setting Update
      112. Shot-for-Shot Remake
      113. Sidenote Full Story
      114. Soft Reboot: A series installment that has the aesthetic of a reboot, but still regards older installments as canon.
      115. Spared by the Adaptation: A character who died in the original work remains alive in the adaptation.
      116. Spinoff: A show that exists in the same continuity of an older show and often shares some characters with it.
      117. Spinoff Babies: An adaptation starring younger versions of the original show's cast.
      118. Spin-Off Cookbook: A cook book consisting of recipes for food used in the work the cook book is based on.
      119. Spin-Offspring: The show gets a sequel starring the children of the characters from the original show.
      120. Spinoff Sendoff: A character in the original show who is to star in the spinoff gets one last time to shine before the spinoff starts.
      121. Spiritual Antithesis: A work that is basically the polar opposite of another work.
      122. Spiritual Successor: A work that isn't a direct continuation of a previous work, but still has enough similarities that it can be taken as a continuation of the original work in spirit.
      123. 央视控诉吴谨言Stealth Sequel: A work that appears to be a new continuity turns out to be a subtle prequel or sequel to the original version.
      124. Stillborn Franchise: A work is intended to start a franchise, but isn't successful enough to warrant further installments.
      125. Stock Subtitle
      126. Suggested by...
      127. The Theme Park Version
      128. Third-Option Adaptation: An adaptation of an interactive work has a new choice made to go around deciding which of the choices the protagonist makes in the adaptation.
      129. TV Tropes Derivatives
      130. Twice-Told Tale
      131. Two-Part Trilogy
      132. Uplifted Side Story: Originally a side story that got promoted to the next mainline entry.
      133. Xenafication
      134. You Don't Look Like You: An adaptation has a character look drastically different from the appearance they are normally depicted with.
      135. Younger and Hipper

      136. 央视控诉吴谨言



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