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        "What is patriotism but the love of the good things we ate in our childhood?"
        马丽媛Lin Yutang马丽媛


        Tropes having to deal with cooking, foodstuffs, and how we consume them.

        Try not to drool on your keyboard.

        Compare Nightlife Index and Grocery Store Index. Visit the also related index, Beverage Tropes, for drinks. Mmm


      2. Alien Lunch: Food eaten by aliens.
      3. And a Diet Coke: Where a person orders numerous fattening foods, but the last one is some form of diet food.
      4. And Your Reward Is Edible: Food as a reward.
      5. 马丽媛Angry Chef: A hot-tempered, perfectionist cook.
      6. Anthropomorphic Food: Food is anthropomorphized.
      7. Appetite = Health: Having no appetite means the character is ill, and being hungry and starting to eat means they are getting well.
      8. Artificial Meat: Cloning animals to get meat.
      9. Ate It All: Character eats all the food, even though it was meant for a group.
      10. Ate the Spoon: When a spoon melts into hot food.
      11. Autopsy Snack Time: Doctors eating while performing an autopsy.
      12. Bad Humor Truck: The driver of an ice cream truck is a villain.
      13. Baguette Beatdown: Using French bread to hit people with.
      14. Balloon Belly: Gaining weight unrealistically fast.
      15. 马丽媛

      16. Beef Bandage: Using a steak as an ice pack.
      17. Big Eater: A character who eats a LOT.
      18. Bizarre Taste in Food: Character does something peculiar to their food on the regular.
      19. Black Hole Belly: A character can fit anything in their stomach.
      20. Black Market Produce: Character buys food from a Black Market
      21. Blazing Inferno Hellfire Sauce: VERY SPICY HOT sauce
      22. A Bloody Mess: Ketchup or jam is mistaken for blood.
      23. Body Sushi: A person covered in sushi.
      24. Brain Freeze: Getting a headache from cold food or drink.
      25. 马丽媛Bratty Food Demand: A rude character demands food in a rude way.
      26. Bubblegum Popping: Bubblegum pops comically.
      27. Buffet Buffoonery: Chaos ensues over whether a buffet really is all you can eat.
      28. Burger Fool: Workers at fast food joints have a bad time.
      29. Burp of Finality: A monster eats someone then burps to show that they're gone for good.
      30. Buzzsaw Jaw: Character eats something enormous very fast.
      31. Camp Cook: A chef at a camp.
      32. Carrying a Cake: A character has to be careful as they are carrying a large cake.
      33. Cartoon Cheese: Cartoon cheese is always orangey-yellow, has holes, and is a wedge.
      34. Cereal Vice Reward: Commercials encourage highly immoral behaviour for the sake of obtaining their products.
      35. Cast from Calories: Superpowers come from the calories in the person's body.
      36. Cheesy Moon: The moon is made of cheese.
      37. Chef of Iron: A cook who fights.
      38. Chez Restaurant: Stock restaurant names that generally sound French.
      39. Chocolate-Frosted Sugar Bombs: Cereal that is made of nothing but sugar.
      40. Chocolate of Romance: Chocolate is associated with romance.
      41. Chubby Chef: An overweight person with an occupation involving the preparation of food.
      42. City People Eat Sushi: Everybody from cities eats sushi, and everyone from rural areas doesn't.
      43. Clean Food, Poisoned Fork: Poisoning food using the utensils.
      44. Clutching Hand Trap: Character tries to reach food from a container but gets their hand stuck.
      45. 马丽媛Comfort Food: Food meant to cheer you up.
      46. Cooking Duel: A duel in a mundane task.
      47. Cooking Mechanics: Cooking as mechanics in video games
      48. Cooking Stories: Works that centre around food and drink.
      49. Cordon Bleugh Chef: Character knows how to cook, but makes gross food as a result of experimentation.
      50. Crazy Consumption: Character eats in a weird way when they are insane.
      51. Cucumber Facial: Using cucumbers to give someone a facial.
      52. Cut a Slice, Take the Rest: Someone cuts a slice of something and eats everything but the slice.
      53. Dagwood Sandwich: Ridiculously big sandwich.
      54. Date Crêpe: Eating crepes while dating.
      55. Death by Gluttony: Character dies from eating too much.
      56. Deep-Fried Whatever: Deep-frying things in a crazy way.
      57. Delicious Daydream: A character imagines food.
      58. Delicious Distraction: Character gets distracted by food.
      59. Denied Food as Punishment: Punishing someone by disallowing them food.
      60. Diet Episode: Episode that focuses on a character going on a diet.
      61. Diner Brawl: Fighting in an eatery.
      62. Dining in the Buff: A character eats or drinks something while naked.
      63. Dinner and a Show: In an episode of a sitcom, a family gets together for dinner, and it's Played for Comedy.
      64. 马丽媛Dinner Deformation: Your body takes the shape of something that you swallow whole.
      65. The Dinnermobile: Vehicles designed to resemble food items.
      66. Dinner Order Flub: Character gets the wrong food or even something that's not food, ordered at a restaurant due to nearsightedness or a Language Barrier.
      67. Dinner with the Boss: The main character's boss visits them for dinner.
      68. Discreet Dining Disposal: Character gets food they don't like and so they feed it to a dog.
      69. Dish Dash: Character must carry a LOT of dishes.
      70. Disgusting Vegetarian Food: Vegetarian and vegan cuisine is repulsive.
      71. Does Not Like Spam: A character HATES a certain food.
      72. Dog Food Diet: Character is so poor they can only afford dog food.
      73. Donut Mess with a Cop: Cops eat doughnuts.
      74. Dreaded Kids' Table: An older child is forced to sit with their younger relatives during meals.
      75. Eat Dirt, Cheap: Eating rocks or dirt.
      76. Eating Contest: A contest to see who can eat the most of something, or the fastest or whatever.
      77. Eating Lunch Alone: Lonely student eats lunch alone.
      78. Eating Machine: Robots that eat.
      79. Eating Optional: Character can eat, but doesn't require food.
      80. Eating Pet Food: When I Ate WHAT?! applies to pet food.
      81. Eating Shoes: Character eats shoes.
      82. 马丽媛Eating Solves Everything: The best solution to a problem is eating something (like the problem itself).
      83. Eating the Enemy: The best way to beat the enemy is to eat them.
      84. Eat That: You can earn money from eating something gross.
      85. Eat the Dog: Characters consider eating their pets when food is scarce.
      86. Eat the Evidence: Eating something that could be evidence so you don't give yourself away.
      87. Edible Ammunition: Using food as ammo.
      88. Edible Bludgeon: Hitting people with food.
      89. Edible Collectible: Video game food is to be collected.
      90. Edible Theme Naming: Naming characters after food and drink.
      91. Edible Treasure: Buried treasure is food.
      92. Egg Folk: Sentient eggs that can move around and sometimes speak.
      93. Egging: Throwing rotten eggs at people or things.
      94. Emotion Eater: Feeding off of emotions.
      95. Empty Fridge, Empty Life: A poor character has hardly any food in their pantry/fridge.
      96. Endangered Soufflé: Souffles are very delicate.
      97. Enemy Eats Your Lunch: Eating an enemy's lunch in front of them to assert dominance.
      98. Erotic Eating: Someone is turned on by the way someone else eats.
      99. Even the Rats Won't Touch It: Even vermin don't like the nasty food.
      100. Everyone Hates Fruit Cakes: For some reason, all the characters seem to hate fruitcake.
      101. Evil Chef: Villain is a cook.
      102. 马丽媛Evil Tastes Good: Villains compare their evil deeds to food and drink.
      103. Evil Vegetarian: A bad guy who's a vegetarian.
      104. Exotic Entree: Villains eat exotic animal meat.
      105. Extreme Omnivore: Character can eat literally anything.
      106. Fake Food: Food on TV is not real in Real Life.
      107. The Famine: When there's not enough food around.
      108. Fancy Dinner: A fancy meal.
      109. Fantastic Fruits and Vegetables: Peculiar fictional fruits or vegetables.
      110. Far-Out Foreigner's Favorite Food: A foreigner picks out a favourite food.
      111. Fast-Food Nation: America is full of fast food.
      112. Fattening the Victim: Feeding a victim in hopes of making them fatter.
      113. Feed by Example: The animal you're feeding won't eat, so you eat their food to show them how.
      114. Fed to Pigs: Disposing of a Body? Just throw it into a pig pen.
      115. Feminine Women Can Cook: Women have to be able to cook to prove they are "feminine".
      116. Fight for the Last Bite: Two or more characters compete for the last morsel of food.
      117. Filching Food for Fun: Stealing someone else's food because of the thrill and excitement.
      118. Fire-Breathing Diner: Spicy food makes you breathe fire.
      119. Fly in the Soup: A fly lands in a bowl of soup.
      120. 马丽媛Follow Your Nose: Character follows a scent to food.
      121. Food and Animal Attraction: Food attracts animals.
      122. Food as Bribe: Talking someone into doing something by bribing them with food.
      123. Food-Based Superpowers: Superpowers that directly and necessarily involve food in some way.
      124. Food Chains: Eating food from a strange place will cost you big.
      125. Food Coma: Getting sleepy from eating too much.
      126. Food End: Work ends by showing characters eating.
      127. Food Fight: Throwing food at one another.
      128. Food God: A God or goddess of food, or a particular food.
      129. Food Interrogation: Food is used to get information out of someone.
      130. Food Pills: Taking pills as sustenance.
      131. The Food Poisoning Incident: Spoiled food makes you sick.
      132. Food Porn: Very yummy-looking food.
      133. Food Slap: Person throws food or drink at someone when they are angry at them.
      134. Food Songs Are Funny: Singing about food is funny.
      135. Force Feeding: Character forces another character to eat.
      136. Foreign Queasine: Foreign food is gross.
      137. Forgets to Eat: Character is so preoccupied that they forget to eat.
      138. Fork Fencing: Two characters duel with dinner forks, possibly over food.
      139. Formal Full Array of Cutlery: Upper class characters use the right item for the right food.
      140. 马丽媛French Cuisine Is Haughty: French food is considered fancy or snobbish.
      141. From My Own Personal Garden: Homegrown food.
      142. Frozen Dinner of Loneliness: Reheating frozen meals when alone.
      143. Fruit Cart: A fruit cart gets smashed.
      144. Fruit of the Loon: Someone carries a fruit for no reason.
      145. Future Food Is Artificial: All or most food is artificial in the future.
      146. Game Gourmet: All manner of different foodstuffs to feed the player character of a video game.
      147. Garlic Is Abhorrent: Garlic or garlic fans being portayed as revolting.
      148. Gelatinous Trampoline: Bouncing on jello.
      149. Genius Sweet Tooth: The Smart Guy has a Sweet Tooth.
      150. Getting Eaten Is Harmless: Someone gets eaten but it doesn't kill them or in some cases even get shaken up that much.
      151. Giant Food: Food that's much bigger than a person.
      152. Gingerbread House: A house made of gingerbread.
      153. Girls Love Chocolate: Chocolate is for women and girls, and they all enjoy it.
      154. Gluttonous Pig: Pigs are known to not be picky eaters.
      155. Gluttony Montage: Montage showing a character eating.
      156. Gourmet Pet Food: Pet food advertised as fancy.
      157. 马丽媛Grandma's Recipe: Recipes are better when they come from the experience of old age.
      158. Grapes of Luxury: Grapes are associated with fanciness.
      159. Greens Precede Sweets: No dessert until you finish your broccoli.
      160. Haggis Is Horrible: Everyone hates haggis.
      161. Hash House Lingo: Slang used in a restaurant.
      162. Haute Cuisine Is Weird: Rich people eat weird food.
      163. Heartbreak and Ice Cream: Sad characters eat ice cream.
      164. Hideous Hangover Cure: Crazy ways to cure a hangover.
      165. Hold the Unsolicited Ingredient: Character orders something, and specifically asks for it without a particular ingredient.
      166. Hollywood Cuisine: Flanderization of a culture's food.
      167. Hot Sauce Drinking: Character drinks hot sauce.
      168. Hyperactive Metabolism: Food cures you.
      169. I Ate WHAT?!: Accidentally eating/drinking non-food/drink.
      170. I Do Not Drink Wine: Alien won't eat or drink our food and drink.
      171. I Was Told There Would Be Cake: Cake gets promised as a reward.
      172. If It Tastes Bad, It Must Be Good for You: Healthy food = yucky
      173. I'll Take Two Beers Too: Character orders for a group, and then a Big Eater says a variation on "Same again".
      174. I'm a Humanitarian: Taking "people person" to very wrong levels.
      175. 马丽媛I'm Not Hungry: A prisoner refuses food.
      176. Impossible Leavening: Too much yeast either makes the food explode, or swells it way too large to be possible.
      177. Impossible Pickle Jar: Attempts at opening a jar or bottle with mixed results.
      178. Impossibly Delicious Food: Food that tastes better than it should.
      179. Improbable Chopsticks Skill: Using eating implements for improbable purposes.
      180. Improbable Food Budget: A family spends an inconceivable amount of money on food.
      181. Impromptu Campfire Cookout: A character responds to any event with fire with cooking food over it.
      182. Inappropriate Hunger: A character is hungry despite being in a disgusting situation.
      183. Indestructible Edible: Food that can't break or rot.
      184. Inexplicably Preserved Dungeon Meat: Perfectly good food (often meat) in a dungeon, especially in video games.
      185. Instant Roast: When an animal's fur or feathers get burned off, they look like a roast that's ready to eat.
      186. Insubstantial Ingredients: Non-physical ingredients.
      187. Is It Something You Eat?: Character doesn't know what a word means, asks whether it's food.
      188. ISO-Standard Urban Groceries: Groceries always come in a paper bag with a stick of French bread.
      189. I Taste Delicious: A character states he tastes good after being covered in food.
      190. It Came from the Fridge: Spoiled food comes alive.
      191. It Tastes Like Feet: Someone says a food tastes like something gross.
      192. Jabba Table Manners: A bad guy with very bad table manners.
      193. Jail Bake: Hiding something that will help a prisoner escape, inside a cake.
      194. Just Desserts: A villain gets eaten.
      195. 马丽媛Just Eat Him: A predator holds its prey in its mouth or swallows it whole.
      196. Just Here for the Free Snacks: A character joins a social function just for the food.
      197. Kitchen Chase: A Chase Scene through a kitchen.
      198. Kitschy-Themed Restaurant: A stereotypical restaurant.
      199. Last Resort Takeout: Ordering takeout if cooking dinner goes wrong.
      200. Leaving Food for Santa: Offering food to Santa Claus.
      201. Lethal Chef: Chef makes gross food.
      202. Let's Meet the Meat: Talking to your food.
      203. Level Ate: A world made of food.
      204. Lite Crème: Using Weasel Words to make a food somehow sound "better".
      205. Local Hangout: A restaurant where characters hang out at.
      206. Lost Food Grievance: Over-the-top sadness or anger over loss of food.
      207. Made from Real Girl Scouts: A food is made of something in the name that you wouldn't expect.
      208. Magic Eater: A character who eats magic.
      209. Magic Mushroom: Eating or inhaling the spores of a mushroom has magical effects.
      210. Marshmallow Dream: A character dreams that they were eating something, leading to them eating their pillow.
      211. Mars Wants Chocolate: Aliens coming to Earth to get our food.
      212. 马丽媛Mascots Love Sugar: Cute anime characters have a Sweet Tooth.
      213. Masochist's Meal: Food that could hurt you or tastes terrible gets eaten by macho people.
      214. Meat-O-Vision: Hunger causes people to hallucinate objects or people as food.
      215. Meat Versus Veggies: Conflict between vegetarians and meat-eating people.
      216. Mega Meal Challenge: Restaurants that serve a huge meal and time people to eat it.
      217. Mess on a Plate: Very ugly food.
      218. Metal Muncher: Metal as food.
      219. Midnight Snack: Eating in the middle of the night.
      220. Miracle Food: Magical food that arrives to feed needy people.
      221. Mirror Chemistry: Aliens eat food different from their mirror image.
      222. Mock Meal: Low-quality food shaped like fancier food.
      223. Motivation on a Stick: Motivating someone by dangling food in front of their face.
      224. Mountain of Food: A giant pile of food.
      225. Mutagenic Food: A character turns into what they ate.
      226. Mystery Meat: Food but you don't know what's in it.
      227. Never Gets Fat: When all that eating leads to zero weight gain.
      228. No Can Opener: A character has a lot of canned food in case of emergency, but no can opener.
      229. No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You to Dine: Feeding someone before killing them.
      230. 马丽媛Nutritional Nightmare: Really unhealthy food.
      231. Object Ceiling Cling: Food gets stuck to the ceiling.
      232. Obsessed with Food: A character seems to only think about food.
      233. Ode to Food: A song about food.
      234. Off the Wagon: A drug addict tries to quit but then starts it up again.
      235. One I Prepared Earlier: In cooking shows, the food is not cooked in real time.
      236. One-Note Cook: A character who can only cook one kind of dish.
      237. One-Track-Minded Hunger: A character whose actions are heavily dictated by their unrelenting desire to eat.
      238. Onion Tears: Onions make you cry.
      239. Organ Drops: A creature's guts are harvestables.
      240. Orgasmically Delicious: A reaction to delicious food is or looks like an orgasm.
      241. Out Of Control Popcorn: Popcorn kernels spill out of their vessel as they are popped.
      242. Oven Logic: If you increase the temperature of an oven to try and make something cook faster, it will go wrong.
      243. Overcomplicated Menu Order: A very complicated and specific menu order.
      244. Palette-Swapped Alien Food: Alien food that looks like Earth food but with the wrong colours.
      245. Parody Product Placement: May involve parodies of food ads, particularly the Hostess Fruit Pies ad campaign.
      246. Pass the Popcorn: A character takes out some food and watches a dramatic event like it's a movie or a play.
      247. Paste Eater: A Cloud Cuckoo Lander or 马丽媛The Ditz eats one specific non-food item on the regular.
      248. Peeling Potatoes: Someone is sent to do a menial chore.
      249. Peking Duck Christmas: Characters buy Chinese food for Christmas.
      250. Pepper Sneeze: Pepper or similar makes a character sneeze.
      251. Phlebotinum Muncher: A creature eats something that is relevant in the story.
      252. Picky Eater: A person, often a kid, is fussy about their food.
      253. Picnic Episode: The characters go on a picnic for one episode.
      254. Pie in the Face: When food lands in a character's face.
      255. Plain Palate: Someone likes plain food and drink.
      256. Pooping Food: A creature poops out food.
      257. Popcorn on the Cob: Popcorn is popped directly off the cob.
      258. "Pop!" Goes the Human: A person explodes from overeating, inflation, or weight gain.
      259. Post-Stress Overeating: Eating a lot of food to relieve emotional stress.
      260. Poverty Food: Poor people eat food that is aesthetically ugly or tastes bad.
      261. Power-Up Food: Food gives one superpowers.
      262. Prefers Raw Meat: A character eats meat uncooked.
      263. Produce Pelting: Throwing fruit and vegetables as a response to a performance the thrower disliked.
      264. Projectile Toast: Toast pops right out of the toaster.
      265. Put Off Their Food: Someone gets put off a certain food because something led them to link it with something nasty in their mind.
      266. Ramen Slurp: A character slurps up ramen noodles.
      267. 马丽媛Raw Eggs Make You Stronger: Raw eggs make you tougher and stronger.
      268. Razor Apples: Dangerous items that are inside food.
      269. Real Men Cook: All men can or should cook.
      270. Real Men Eat Meat: There are no vegetarian males, and men should be expected to love all meat.
      271. Real Men Hate Sugar: All the male characters either hate sugar or are compared to women for liking sugar.
      272. Reduced to Ratburgers: Eating vermin.
      273. Regional Speciality: The natives of a region have one food they're really good at making.
      274. Restaurant-Owning Episode: A character spends an episode running a restaurant.
      275. Revenge Is a Dish Best Served: Secretly feeding someone non-food or something they dislike, out of spite.
      276. Romance-Inducing Smudge: Cleaning a smudge on a person's face or clothing leads to romance.
      277. Romantic Candlelit Dinner: Dinners by candlelight are the definition of romance.
      278. Romantic Spoonfeeding: A character spoonfeeds their Love Interest.
      279. Salt Solution: Monsters that are weak to salt.
      280. Satiating Sandwich: A character likes sandwiches.
      281. Sausage String Silliness: Gags involving a string of sausages.
      282. Schmuck Banquet: An abandoned feast is Schmuck Bait.
      283. Secret Ingredient: Keeping one ingredient to a recipe secret.
      284. Secret Snack Stash: Hiding (usually unhealthy) food to be eaten at a later point.
      285. 马丽媛Similar Item Confusion: Often happens with recipe ingredients (such as sugar and salt).
      286. The Snack Is More Interesting: Being more interested in food that's in the vicinity than what's going on.
      287. Snacksploitation: Smuggling food into places where it's not allowed.
      288. Sneaking Snacks: A child tries to sneak food that's off-limits.
      289. Sniff Sniff Nom: Testing for toxicity by eating the object.
      290. Soul Eating: Eating peoples' souls.
      291. Soup Is Medicine: Soup is associated with being given to sick people.
      292. Spacetime Eater: A being that eats the fabric of the universe or time or something similar.
      293. Spaghetti Kiss: Sharing a piece of spaghetti leads to kissing.
      294. Spit Out a Shoe: Someone gets eaten, then whoever ate them spits out an article of clothing.
      295. Spit Take: Spitting out food or drink, often due to surprise.
      296. Squeamish About Slaughter: Being uncomfortable with the process of live animals being turned into food.
      297. Stock Animal Diet: Food stereotypically associated with animals eating it.
      298. Stock Medieval Meal: A stereotypical meal in medieval Europe.
      299. Stock "Yuck!": Foods stereotypically associated with being yucky.
      300. Suck E. Cheese's: Crummy kids' restaurant.
      301. Supreme Chef: A chef who makes delicious food.
      302. Swallowed Whole: A monster eats characters and items whole without chewing.
      303. Sweet Tooth: Really liking sugar.
      304. Tampering with Food and Drink: Putting deadly poison in food and drink.
      305. 马丽媛Tastes Better Than It Looks: Food that looks unappetizing, but when tried, actually tastes good.
      306. Tastes Like Chicken: Exotic food is said to taste of chicken.
      307. Tastes Like Friendship: Making friends by offering them food.
      308. Team Chef: A group has one person who cooks.
      309. Tempting Cookie Jar: The cookie jar is impossible for Little Jimmy to resist.
      310. Thank Your Prey: A character thanks or apologises to an animal he eats.
      311. That Poor Plant: A plant dies after being fed disgusting food or drink.
      312. They Wasted a Perfectly Good Sandwich: Throwing away food because you must go do something.
      313. This Banana is Armed: Weapons that look like pretend ones.
      314. This Billboard Needs Some Salt: Monsters eat food-shaped items, thinking them to be real food.
      315. Through His Stomach: Impressing someone by feeding them.
      316. Toast of Tardiness: An overused trope in anime, when a character is late for school and has no time for breakfast.
      317. Too Hungry to Be Polite: A character is so hungry or badly brought up that they have bad table manners.
      318. Too Spicy for Yog-Sothoth: The monster doesn't want the victim as it finds him unpleasant.
      319. Too Unhappy to Be Hungry: Someone loses their appetite due to a negative emotion.
      320. Trademark Favorite Food: One character has a favourite food to obsessive levels and the food is often associated with them.
      321. Typewriter Eating: Someone eating sounds like a typewriter.
      322. Unaffected by Spice: This person can eat and enjoy extremely spicy food without much distress, if any.
      323. Unfortunate Ingredients: Renaming bad-sounding ingredients to make them sound better.
      324. 马丽媛Vacuum Mouth: A character inhales their food.
      325. Vampires Hate Garlic: Vampires have an aversion to garlic.
      326. Veganopia: A vegan utopia.
      327. Vegetarian for a Day: A character turns vegetarian but stops by the next episode because Status Quo Is God.
      328. Villainous Glutton: A bad guy who tends to overeat.
      329. Wacky Cravings: Wacky food cravings associated with pregnancy.
      330. Way Past the Expiration Date: Very spoiled food.
      331. A Weighty Aesop: An Aesop about weight loss.
      332. Wizard Needs Food Badly: A game character needs food to avoid starving.
      333. Wok Fu: Fighting in a Chinese restaurant.
      334. X on a Stick: Things which are on sticks.
      335. You Are Who You Eat: Eating a person to shapeshift into them.
      336. Your Favorite: A character receives their favourite food, often without asking. Done as a favour or perhaps to manipulate them.
      337. You Taste Delicious: There's food on someone's face, so someone else licks or eats it off.
      338. You Won't Like How I Taste: Making yourself sound undesirable to a person-eater.

      339. 马丽媛



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