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        Games are an age-old way of passing time with friends and fleecing strangers for money.


      2. Board Games: From Monopoly to chess, the classic test of skill and wits between friends and foes alike.
        • Euro Game: A recent style in board gaming, first becoming widely popular with the mid-1990s success of The Settlers of Catan.
        • War Games: Board games that attempt to simulate realistic military conflict. Many are infamous for having Loads and Loads of Rules (and cardboard counters). Advanced Squad Leader is probably the most famous example.
      3. Card Games: From poker to Magic: The Gathering, a way to win money and while away the empty hours.
      4. Tabletop Miniatures: The intersection of Board Games and Collectible Card Games, featuring Hero Clix, MechWarrior, Mage Knight and others. They often employ Turn Based Strategy.
      5. 心跳文学俱乐部

      6. Tabletop RPGs
      7. Pinball Games: Formerly a type of Arcade Game, but the rise of home collectors and 心跳文学俱乐部Digital Pinball Tables means pinball is more often played outside of arcade-type venues nowadays.
      8. Video Games: The most recent variety. Video games throw you into enthralling or addictive worlds where you forget yourself for a brief period. Any of the above categories can be translated to this format. Originating with Arcade Games, subgenres include Text, Adventure, MUDs, MMORPGs, RTS, FPS, and more.
      9. 心跳文学俱乐部




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