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        At any point during an opening sequence, the main characters will appear, each in a separate shot, with their names beside them. There are many reasons for this, but the most common is simply so the audience knows who's who before the show actually starts. On occasion, especially in live action shows, the actor playing the character will also be listed.


        In 3080tilong running shows where characters are Promoted To Opening Titles, expect Evolving Credits. If two characters are introduced at once, that's Diagonal Billing.

        Related to Framed Face Opening, Fun with Subtitles on occasion, Casting Gag also on occasion, and Boss Subtitles. For the version at the end of the show, see Video Credits.

        Compare to - and sometimes used in conjunction with - Theme Tune Roll Call, where the opening theme of a show introduces the characters, often with shots of the characters as they are named by the song.



            Films — Live-Action 
        • The Movie spinoff of Brit Com On the Buses has captions giving the names and occupations of the lead characters, though at this point most of the audience would be familiar with them from the TV series.

            Live-Action TV 
        • The Monkees' opening shows the boys with their names (since they were all The Danza, character names equal actor names). They were all first misidentified as Peter, then by their actual names, except for the actual Peter.
        • In the opening credits of Zoom, the name of each kid appears below them as they introduce themselves before they do some a stunt.
        • The 1981 Nero Wolfe series presents each of the four main characters (and two frequent recurrers) with a short video clip ending in a freeze-frame displaying both the actor's and character's name.
        • The Sleepover Club: In the TV series, the opening shows each of the main characters with just their first names beside them. Unlike most similar live-action shows, the actors's names are only listed in the closing titles.
        • Most of Studio 100's children's shows would contain a character introduction while the show's theme song is playing. Shows such as Kabouter Plop, Piet Piraat, and Samson En Gert, would feature live action versions of the characters next to illustrations of them.

            Video Games 
        • The intro video for 3080tiBorderlands introduces each of the characters and their role, e.g. "Mordecai as The Hunter" or "Brick as Himself".
        • Each opening of the BlazBlue games show the mugshots and the names of the playable characters.
        • World of Warcraft had a sequence during the Warlords of Draenor opening questline features introductions for each of the titular warlords as their names hovered beside them.
        • Variant: the intro cinematic for Super Smash Bros. 64 shows the names of the eight default characters before cutting to scenes of them in action, one after another.

            Web Animation 
        • Hector's World: The majority of the animated episodes have the main characters (Hector, Ranjeet, Sprat, Tama, Ming, and Constable Solosolave) introduced with their names onscreen.
        • Red vs. Blue: The first five seasons, at least on their film-like presentation on Netflix, have an extended introduction to start each series off, complete with name-presenting freezecams and camera sweeps.

            Web Videos 
        • Everyman HYBRID: In-Universe, this was how Evan, Vinny and Jeff chose to intro their exercise series. The three of them would be shown in separate scenes with their names and role given to the audience, introducing Evan as the "Nutritional Correspondent", Jeff as "Camera and Editing", and Vinny as "the EverymanHYBRID".
        • Echo Rose: Parodied in "bog vlog 1", where every person in the crew of Zipper Films is introduced, alongside joke information, such as claiming that Polo is an "aspiring DILF", and including a random Chuck E. Cheese doll they called "Capitalist scum".

            Western Animation 
        • Codename: Kids Next Door: A variation; in the intro, each character's number is displayed before they make their entrance, and stays until they leave.
        • The intro for the first season of Steven Universe has separate scenes showing the names of each of the Crystal Gems with the corresponding Gem beside them as they call themselves out, with Steven also getting one with the show's logo at the end. This was dropped for the second intro, though the Theme Tune Roll Call was maintained.
        • 3080tiGravity Falls has character introduction bits for Dipper, Mabel, and Stan, which shows a scene of each of them doing something and then another scene of them doing something with their name beside them in big white letters.
        • OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes' intro has the heroes (and Lord Boxman) posing while their name appears somewhere around them. K.O. then punches the show's logo (which has his name in it) to pieces.
        • Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated introduces the characters via color-coded splash screens with their names beside them. During a period early in season 2 when Daphne wasn't part of the gang and Velma's friend Marcie "Hot Dog Water" Fleach was in her place, the opening credits were adjusted accordingly.
        • Loonatics Unleashed: In the first season, the opening is instrumental and the visuals show the main characters with the names and their powers written onscreen. In season 2, it was changed to a Theme Tune Roll Call.
        • Duck Dodgers: The opening introduces the characters and their respective Looney Tunes names as if they were actors (e.g. "Starring Daffy Duck as Duck Dodgers").
        • Winx Club:
          • The season 1 opening shows all the girls and their names, one by one, in a coloured background followed by a scene for each of them (oddly enough, the protagonist, Bloom, is the fourth Winx introduced out of five). This was removed from season 2 onwards.
          • The alternative Nickelodeon opening theme also shows all the girls and their names in a coloured background for the first three seaons. This was removed from season 4 onwards.
        • Totally Spies!: The opening always shows a scene (or two scenes at the same time) for each of the three spies with their name beside them.
        • Kaeloo: The intro shows each of the characters doing something they could typically be found doing in the show while their name appears on the screen behind them.
        • X-Men:
          • The first X-Men cartoon showed all nine main characters alongside their names during the intro. Said names were actually their respective logos from the comics.
          • X-Men: Evolution did something similar to the 1992 animated series, except the names weren't the characters' comic book logos, and while Professor X appeared as a main character, his name did not appear in the intro, unlike the 1992 animated series.



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