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        斩马刀Narrative Devices斩马刀 move the story forward or organize a scene or sequence.

        The following lists of narrative devices are not categorized elsewhere.


      2. Episodes: The kinds of plots episodes of a television series tend to have.
      3. Escape Tropes
      4. Family Twists Index
      5. Fight Scene
      6. Flashbacks and Chronology
      7. Gambit Index
      8. Humility Tropes
      9. Index All Along
      10. Index First
      11. Ironic Index
      12. Juxtaposition Tropes
      13. 斩马刀MacGuffin
      14. Montages
      15. Movie Twist List
      16. Plot Twist
      17. Prideful Tropes
      18. Room Shuffle
      19. A Safe Index to Hide
      20. Scenes
      21. Sewer Tropes
      22. Shapeshifting: The ability to alter one's physical appearance.
      23. Short Con
      24. Short Story Long
      25. Shout-Outs Index
      26. Sleep and Wakefulness Tropes
      27. Slippery Tropes
      28. Steal This Index
      29. Stock Puzzle
      30. Stock Superpowers
      31. The Tale
      32. This Might Be an Index
      33. 斩马刀Twist Ending
      34. That Which Must Not Be Indexed
      35. Vandalism Tropes
      36. Victory and Defeat: Tropes about when characters win or lose.
      37. You Hate What You Are
      38. 斩马刀


      39. Dark Horse Victory
      40. Daydream Surprise: A brief scene quickly turns out to be a daydream one of the characters is having.
      41. Dead End Job
      42. Decoy Getaway
      43. Defusing The Tyke Bomb
      44. Dismantled MacGuffin
      45. 斩马刀Diving Save
      46. Documentary Episode
      47. Do Not Adjust Your Set
      48. Do Not Go Gentle
      49. Don't Ask, Just Run
      50. Don't Celebrate Just Yet
      51. Don't Split Us Up
      52. Doomed Hometown
      53. Door Jam
      54. Doorstop Baby: A baby gets left on someone's doorstep and ends up adopted by whoever lives in the house.
      55. Double Date
      56. Drama Bomb
      57. Dramatic Curtain Toss
      58. Dramatic Dislocation
      59. Dramatic Irony: The audience knows something that the characters don't.
      60. Dream Land
      61. Dream Within a Dream: Someone wakes up from a dream only to find that they're still dreaming.
      62. Dream Sequence
      63. Driving Question
      64. Driving Test Smashers
      65. 斩马刀Dug in Deeper
      66. Dungeon Bypass
      67. Drunk on the Dark Side
      68. Dueling Hackers
      69. Dysfunction Junction
      70. Earth All Along: It turns out the alien planet was actually Earth.
      71. Earth-Shattering Kaboom: A planet blows up.
      72. Easily Forgiven: In spite of what this character has done, the people they have wronged are all too eager to let bygones be bygones.
      73. Eat the Dog
      74. Eat the Evidence: Someone tries to avoid getting in trouble by eating the evidence of what they've done.
      75. Egg MacGuffin
      76. Either/Or Prophecy
      77. Electrified Bathtub: Killing someone by dropping active electronics into the bathtub while they are bathing.
      78. Elves vs. Dwarves
      79. Emergency Presidential Address
      80. Empathic Weapon
      81. Empty Cop Threat
      82. Endangered Soufflé
      83. End-of-Episode Silliness
      84. Enforced Cold War
      85. 斩马刀Engagement Challenge
      86. Engineered Public Confession: A villain beloved by the public gets exposed when the heroes trick him into openly confessing that he's really a rotten scumbag manipulating everyone.
      87. Epic Fail: Someone fails so badly that they manage to achieve a failure that isn't physically possible.
      88. Epiphanic Prison
      89. Estranged Soap Family
      90. Et Tu, Brute?
      91. Even the Dog Is Ashamed: The character has screwed up so badly that not even their loyal companion is willing to stick by them anymore.
      92. Everybody Knew Already
      93. Everybody's Dead, Dave
      94. Everyone Knows Morse
      95. Everyone's in the Loop
      96. The Evils of Free Will: Someone believes that utopia can only be achieved by eliminating free will.
      97. Evil Phone
      98. Evil Plan: The villain's scheme to do something bad.
      99. Exact Eavesdropping
      100. Exact Words: It turns out that the character meant exactly what they said and weren't using a figure of speech or anything like that.
      101. Expansion Pack World
      102. Expendable Clone: Clones are considered okay to sacrifice because we can always make more.
      103. Explaining the Soap
      104. 斩马刀Explosive Leash: Someone has a collar forced onto them that will kill or torture them if they try to defy the one enslaving them.
      105. Explosion Propulsion
      106. Exposition of Immortality
      107. Extremely Short Timei: The entire story occurs in a very short amount of time.
      108. Eye Remember
      109. Failed a Spot Check: Character doesn't notice something missing or someone or something that shouldn't be there until it is too late.
      110. Failure Is the Only Option: No matter what the character tries, they'll never succeed in achieving their goal.
      111. Fainting Seer
      112. Fake Defector: A hero pretends to switch sides in order to bring down the enemy from within.
      113. Fake Static: Character pretends that there's a problem with their communications equpment in order to avoid conversation.
      114. Fallen-on-Hard-Times Job
      115. Fall of the House of Cards
      116. Fancy Dinner
      117. Fascists' Bed Time: A curfew is enforced where everyone has to be home and in bed by an unreasonably early time.
      118. Faustian Rebellion: Overthrowing Satan.
      119. Faux Death
      120. Fauxlosophic Narration
      121. Fauxshadow
      122. Feet of Clay
      123. Fence Painting
      124. 斩马刀Fiction Isn't Fair
      125. Field Promotion
      126. Fisher King
      127. Final Exam Finale
      128. Five-Second Foreshadowing: Alluding to events that will happen or be revealed shortly.
      129. Flatline
      130. Fling a Light into the Future
      131. Flying Dutchman
      132. Food Chains
      133. Follow the White Rabbit
      134. A Fool for a Client: Someone tries to defend themselves in court.
      135. Forbidden Fruit
      136. Forced Prize Fight
      137. Foreigner for a Day
      138. Foreshadowing: Alluding to events that will happen or be revealed later in the story.
      139. The Four Loves
      140. Framed Clue
      141. Frameup
      142. Framing the Guilty Party
      143. Framed for Heroism
      144. 斩马刀Frantic Object Concealment
      145. Freak Out
      146. "Freaky Friday" Flip: Two or more characters switch minds and have to figure out how to get each other's brains back in their proper bodies.
      147. Friend or Idol Decision
      148. Friends All Along
      149. Frequently-Broken Unbreakable Vow
      150. Frothy Mugs of Water
      151. Fur Against Fang: Conflict between werewolves and vampires.
      152. Future Badass: Someone becomes cooler and more impressive in the future.
      153. Gambit Pileup
      154. Gambit Roulette
      155. Genocide Dilemma
      156. Geodesic Cast
      157. George Jetson Job Security: Someone gets fired or a trivial reason or no reason at all.
      158. George Washington Slept Here
      159. Generic Graffiti
      160. "Get out of Jail Free" Card: The heroes cut the bad guy some slack and ler him go free.
      161. Getting Hot in Here
      162. Give Me a Sign
      163. Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!
      164. 斩马刀Go Among Mad People
      165. Go Back to the Source
      166. A God Am I: Someone believes themselves to be a god.
      167. Godzilla Threshold: Resorting to extremely risky and dangerous strategies out of desperation.
      168. Going in Circles
      169. Going to See the Elephant
      170. Going Postal: Postal workers going crazy.
      171. Golden Moment
      172. Golden Snitch
      173. Gossip Evolution
      174. Got Volunteered
      175. Grail in the Garbage
      176. Green Rooming
      177. Guess Who I'm Marrying?
      178. Hannibal Lecture
      179. Happier Home Movie
      180. Harmful to Minors
      181. Haunted Headquarters
      182. Heat Wave
      183. Heart Trauma
      184. 斩马刀Heel Realization: Someone realizes that they've been the bad guy.
      185. Hell on Earth
      186. Here We Go Again!: The story ends with the conflict repeating or the characters going through a new conflict similar to the one that was already resolved.
      187. Heroic Heelization Speech
      188. Heroic Vow
      189. Hidden in Plain Sight
      190. High Turnover Rate
      191. High-Voltage Death: Someone gets electrocuted to death.
      192. The Hilarious Table
      193. His Story Repeats Itself
      194. History Repeats
      195. Holding Out for a Hero: People don't bother saving themselves in hopes that a hero will come and save them.
      196. Holding the Floor
      197. Hold On to My Hat
      198. Homage
      199. Hope Springs Eternal
      200. Horror Hates a Rulebreaker
      201. Hostage for MacGuffin
      202. Hostage Situation
      203. Hostile Weather
      204. 斩马刀Hourglass Plot
      205. How Did We Get Back Home?
      206. How Much Did You Hear?
      207. Human Ladder
      208. Human Popsicle: Someone gets frozen solid non-lethally.
      209. Human Resources
      210. Human Shield: Using a living person to protect yourself from danger.
      211. Humble Pie
      212. Humiliation Conga: The bad guy's defeat has him suffer a string of embarrassing misfortunes.
      213. I Am One of Those, Too
      214. I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Ham: A character spends the story claiming they hate something, then finds that they actually like it when they finally give it a chance.
      215. I Hate You, Vampire Dad
      216. I Have Your Wife: The villain manipulates someone into doing as they say by capturing the person's loved ones.
      217. I Just Want to Be Badass
      218. I Just Want to Be Normal: A superhero or extraordinary person wishes that they had a normal life.
      219. I Just Want to Be Special
      220. "I Know What We Can Do" Cut
      221. I Never
      222. I Owe You My Life
      223. I See Them, Too
      224. 斩马刀I Was Having Such a Nice Dream
      225. I Will Find You
      226. Ignored Vital News Reports
      227. Invisible Subtle Difference
      228. Identical Grandson: A character has an ancestor or descendant who looks just like them.
      229. If I Can Only Move
      230. If You Won't, I Will
      231. Impersonating the Evil Twin: The hero pretends to be their evil twin.
      232. Impossible Task
      233. I'm a Humanitarian: A character who kills and consumes members of their own kind.
      234. Inadvertent Entrance Cue
      235. Inevitable Mutual Betrayal
      236. Info Drop
      237. Info Dump
      238. Innocent Inaccurate: A child or naive person has a clueless interpretation of adult stuff.
      239. Innocent Innuendo: A scene that deliberately looks or sounds naughty, but is actually more wholesome than it seems.
      240. Instant Expert
      241. Insulted Awake
      242. Internal Homage
      243. Internalized Categorism
      244. 斩马刀Intercontinuity Crossover
      245. Interrogation by Vandalism
      246. Interrogating the Dead
      247. Interrupted Suicide
      248. Intimidating Revenue Service: The IRS will take away all of your belongings if you don't pay your taxes.
      249. Intrepid Fictioneer
      250. Invented Invalid: Someone lies about having to tend to a sick relative so they don't have to come.
      251. Invisible to Adults: A supernatural being that only children can see.
      252. Invisible to Normals: Only weirdos can see the supernatural.
      253. Ironic Inversion
      254. Irrevocable Message: Someone ends up sending a rude message and now regrets sending it.
      255. Is This Thing Still On?
      256. It Must Be Mine!
      257. It's All Junk
      258. It's the Journey That Counts
      259. It's Probably Nothing
      260. It Was a Gift
      261. It Was with You All Along
      262. Jacob Marley Warning
      263. Jail Bake: Helping someone escape jail by sending them baked goods that have materials they can use to escape prison hidden inside.
      264. 斩马刀"Jeopardy!" Intelligence Test
      265. Joker Jury
      266. Juggling Dangerously
      267. Jury of the Damned
      268. Kilroy Was Here
      269. Keep the Reward
      270. Kent Brockman News
      271. The Key Is Behind the Lock
      272. Kicked Upstairs: Promoting an incompetent employee to an ostensibly important position so that they can't directly cause too much damage.
      273. Kidnapped by an Ally
      274. Knife-Throwing Act
      275. Knights and Knaves
      276. Lamaze Class
      277. Laser-Guided Broadcast
      278. Last Stand
      279. The Laws of Magic
      280. Leaf Boat
      281. Leaning on the Fourth Wall: A character makes a statement that makes sense in-universe, but can also be interpreted as the character acknowledging that they are in a work of fiction.
      282. Least Is First
      283. Leave Him to Me
      284. 斩马刀Leave the Camera Running
      285. Leonine Contract
      286. Leno Device
      287. Lethally Expensive
      288. A Light in the Distance
      289. Limited Destination Time
      290. List of Transgressions
      291. The Little Shop That Wasn't There Yesterday
      292. Living a Double Life
      293. Living on Borrowed Time
      294. Living with the Villain
      295. Locked in a Freezer
      296. Locked in a Room
      297. Locked Out of the Fight
      298. Locking MacGyver in the Store Cupboard
      299. Look Ma, No Plane!
      300. Loser Gets the Girl
      301. Loser Has Your Back
      302. Loves Me Not
      303. Luke, I Am Your Father: A character reveals that they are another character's father.
      304. 斩马刀Luke, You Are My Father: A character reveals that they are another character's child.
      305. Lured into a Trap
      306. 斩马刀MacGuffin: A powerful or mysterious object that the plot hinges on.
      307. MacGuffin Delivery Service
      308. MacGuffin Location
      309. Made of Temptation
      310. Magic Hat
      311. Magical Girl Queenliness Test
      312. Magical Guide
      313. Magnetic Plot Device
      314. The Main Characters Do Everything
      315. Major Injury Underreaction: Someone suffers a severe injury but acts as if it's just a minor scratch.
      316. Make a Wish: A character wishes for something.
      317. Making the Choice for You
      318. Manufacturing Victims
      319. Mating Dance
      320. Matryoshka Object
      321. Meaningful Echo
      322. Medal of Dishonor
      323. Meet the In-Laws
      324. 斩马刀Melodramatic Pause
      325. Memento MacGuffin
      326. Mercy Lead
      327. Message in a Bottle
      328. Miming the Cues
      329. A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Read: A mind-reader gets repulsed from reading the thoughts of an unpleasant person.
      330. Mind Rape
      331. Mind Screwdriver
      332. Mind Screw the Audience
      333. Mineral MacGuffin
      334. Minor Flaw, Major Breakup: A character dumps their love interest over something petty.
      335. Miracle Food
      336. Miracle Rally
      337. Miranda Rights
      338. Misfit Mobilization Moment
      339. Mistaken for Badass
      340. Mistaken Identity
      341. "Mister Sandman" Sequence
      342. Mistimed Revival
      343. Monster Threat Expiration
      344. 斩马刀Mood Whiplash
      345. Morning Routine
      346. Morton's Fork: A character has to pick one of two choices and both choices have bad consequences.
      347. Moses in the Bulrushes
      348. Most Definitely Not Accompanying Us
      349. Mundane Solution: The problem gets solved in an easy manner.
      350. Mushroom Samba
      351. Must Have Nicotine
      352. Must Not Die a Virgin
      353. Mutilation Interrogation
      354. The Mutiny
      355. My Fist Forgives You
      356. My Greatest Failure
      357. My Greatest Second Chance
      358. Mysterious Employer
      359. Mysterious Note
      360. Mythology Gag: The current adaptation references one or more of the previous continuities.
      361. Narrator All Along: A character within the story turns out to be the one narrating.
      362. Naughty Birdwatching: Using birdwatching as an excuse for voyeurism.
      363. Near-Death Clairvoyance
      364. 斩马刀Near-Death Experience
      365. Necessary Fail
      366. Needle in a Stack of Needles: It's acknowledged that an individual would be likely hard to find because of their traits not being all that unique.
      367. Never Split the Party
      368. Newspaper Dating
      369. Niche Network
      370. No Fourth Wall: The fourth wall is broken so frequently that it might as well not even exist.
      371. No MacGuffin, No Winner (aka Detente Comrade, Eaten the MacGuffin)
      372. No Party Like a Donner Party: People resort to cannibalism to avoid starving to death.
      373. Non Sequitur: A weird statement spoken out of nowhere that has nothing to do with the current discussion.
      374. Noodle Incident: Characters talk about an unseen past event, but the details are too unclear for the audience to verify exactly what happened.
      375. Notable Non Sequitur
      376. Not a Date
      377. Not Afraid of You Anymore
      378. Not as You Know Them
      379. Not Cheating Unless You Get Caught
      380. Not Helping Your Case: A character tries to prove they are not what they're accused of being, but their attempts only add fuel to suspicions that the accusations are true.
      381. "Not Important to This Episode" Camp
      382. 斩马刀Not in Front of the Parrot: A character screws up by revealing secret or embarrassing information in front of a parrot.
      383. Not in My Contract
      384. Not My Driver
      385. Not My Lucky Day
      386. Not What It Looks Like
      387. Not What I Signed on For
      388. Obfuscating Stupidity: A character pretends to be an idiot.
      389. Oblivious Adoption: A character doesn't know that they were adopted.
      390. Oblivious Guilt Slinging
      391. Off to Boarding School
      392. Offered the Crown
      393. Offhand Backhand: Punching out someone sneaking up on you without looking at them.
      394. Offing the Offspring: Someone kills their own children.
      395. Oh, Cisco!
      396. Ominous Message from the Future
      397. Ominous Multiple Screens
      398. One Degree of Separation
      399. One Judge to Rule Them All
      400. One Crazy Night
      401. One Side of the Story
      402. 斩马刀One-Way Trip
      403. Only Good People May Pass
      404. Only the Knowledgable May Pass
      405. Only Smart People May Pass
      406. Only the Worthy May Pass
      407. Or Was It a Dream?: A character appears to have dreamed everything, but it is then hinted that what they appeared to dream about actually happened.
      408. Orphan's Ordeal
      409. Orphan's Plot Trinket
      410. Out Giving Birth, Back in Two Minutes
      411. Outliving One's Offspring: A parent ends up outliving their children.
      412. Out-of-Clothes Experience: A character is naked during an out-of-body experience.
      413. Out-of-Context Eavesdropping
      414. Overcome Their Differences
      415. Overly Long Gag
      416. Padding: Content that the audience feels was added just to keep the story going.
      417. Parental Favoritism: The parents have one child they like more than the rest of their children.
      418. Party Scheduling Gambit
      419. Passed-Over Promotion
      420. Passive Rescue
      421. Pater Familicide: Someone kills their relatives and then kills themselves.
      422. 斩马刀Pay Phone
      423. Pelvic Thrust
      424. Penultimate Outburst
      425. People Jars
      426. Permission to Speak Freely
      427. Perpetual Poverty
      428. Perspective Magic
      429. Perspective Reversal
      430. Perverted Sniffing
      431. Phlebotinum Battery
      432. Phone Booth
      433. Pinocchio Syndrome
      434. Playing Both Sides
      435. Playing Nice for Now
      436. Playing Sick
      437. Plot Coupon
      438. Plot Detour
      439. Plot-Demanded Manual Mode
      440. Plot Device
      441. Plot-Driven Breakdown
      442. 斩马刀Plot Parallel
      443. Plot Pivot Point
      444. Plot-Sensitive Latch
      445. Plot Technology
      446. Plummet Perspective
      447. Poison-and-Cure Gambit: Manipulating people by poisoning them and refusing to give the antidote until they do what you tell them to.
      448. Poisoned Chalice Switcheroo
      449. Police Are Useless: Police are shown to be too incompetent to do anything without the heroes' help.
      450. Poor Communication Kills: A failure to communicate properly ends in disaster.
      451. Porn Stash: Someone has a collection of pornography hidden away.
      452. Portal Pool
      453. Possessive Paradise
      454. Posthumous Character: A character who has already died by the time the audience learns of their existence.
      455. Powder Keg Crowd
      456. Power Fantasy
      457. Practical Voice-Over
      458. Pre-Battle Banter: Fighters exchange banter before an imminent battle.
      459. The Precarious Ledge
      460. Premature Eulogy: Giving a eulogy to someone who hasn't actually died.
      461. Press-Ganged
      462. 斩马刀Pressure Point
      463. Priceless Paperweight
      464. Princess for a Day
      465. Promoted to Scapegoat
      466. Protector Behind Bars
      467. Protocol Peril
      468. Pseudo Crisis
      469. Psychological Horror
      470. Puberty Superpower: A teenager gains super powers upon hitting puberty.
      471. The Public Domain Channel
      472. Public Execution
      473. Punk in the Trunk: Locking someone up in the back of a car.
      474. The Purge
      475. Quarantine with Extreme Prejudice
      476. Put Down Your Gun and Step Away
      477. Put Me In, Coach!
      478. Rage Against the Author: The characters try to defy what the creator wants to do with the work.
      479. Rage Against the Mentor
      480. Rash Equilibrium
      481. Read the Freaking Manual
      482. 斩马刀Reality Bleed
      483. Rear Window Witness
      484. Recorded Spliced Conversation
      485. Red Herring Twist
      486. Regular Caller
      487. Reincarnation: A character dies and is subsequently reborn in a new life.
      488. Reincarnation-Identifying Trait
      489. Reincarnation Romance
      490. Relationship Reboot
      491. Relationship-Salvaging Disaster
      492. Religious Russian Roulette
      493. Remember When You Blew Up a Sun?
      494. Rescue Romance
      495. Rescued from the Underworld
      496. Resurrected Romance: A couple continue their relationship after one of them dies and is brought back to life.
      497. Retcon: Making retroactive changes to the continuity.
      498. Restrained Revenge
      499. The Reveal Prompts Romance
      500. Revision
      501. Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves: If you betray someone, you'll end up punished for it severely.
      502. 斩马刀Rewatch Bonus: Parts of the story that become more noticeable when viewing a second time.
      503. Rewrite
      504. Rhetorical Request Blunder
      505. Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony
      506. Ridiculously Difficult Route
      507. Right Hand vs. Left Hand
      508. Right on the Tick
      509. Right Place, Right Time, Wrong Reason
      510. Ripped from the Headlines: The story is influenced by recent news reports.
      511. Ripped from the Phone Book
      512. Road Trip Plot
      513. Rock Bottom
      514. Romantic Resolutions
      515. Room Disservice
      516. Rules of Orphan Economics
      517. Sadistic Choice: The villain forces the hero to choose between saving one loved one and letting the other die.
      518. Sarcasm Failure: A character tries to make a dry remark, but can't.
      519. Scheherezade Gambit
      520. Schmuck Banquet
      521. Science Is Bad
      522. 斩马刀Science Is Good
      523. Science Is Wrong
      524. School Play
      525. Screaming Birth
      526. Screw Destiny
      527. Scully Syndrome
      528. Scylla and Charybdis
      529. Sealed Evil in a Duel: A good being and an evil being spend eternity trapped somewhere while fighting each other.
      530. Second-Hand Storytelling
      531. Second Place Is for Winners
      532. Second Prize
      533. Secret Identity
      534. Secret Legacy
      535. Secret Path
      536. Secret Test of Character
      537. Seeking Sanctuary
      538. Send Me Back
      539. Separated by the Wall
      540. Sequel Reset
      541. Serious Business: Something insignificant is treated as if it's a big deal.
      542. 斩马刀Sentimental Sacrifice
      543. Set a Mook to Kill a Mook
      544. Shamed by a Mob
      545. Shameful Strip: Someone gets undressed as punishment.
      546. Shaming the Mob
      547. Sharing a Body
      548. Shell Game
      549. Shock Collar
      550. Short Cuts Make Long Delays: Taking the shortcut takes longer than going the regular route.
      551. Short-Distance Phone Call
      552. Show Within a Show
      553. Shower of Angst
      554. Shut Up, Hannibal!: The villain mocks the hero for being idealistic and the hero gives a rebuttal.
      555. Sidelong Glance Biopic
      556. Silly Rabbit, Idealism Is for Kids!
      557. Silly Rabbit, Romance Is for Kids!
      558. Sliding Scale of Plot Versus Characters
      559. Slippery Soap
      560. Slobs vs. Snobs: Conflict between neat freaks and people who like being messy.
      561. Slow Clap
      562. 斩马刀Slumber Party
      563. Slumber Party Ploy
      564. Small Town Rivalry
      565. Smart Ball
      566. Smite Me, O Mighty Smiter!
      567. Sneaky Departure
      568. Snowball Lie
      569. Snowed-In
      570. So Much for Stealth
      571. Somebody Set Up Us the Bomb
      572. Something Only They Would Say
      573. Sorkin Relationship Moment
      574. Sorry to Interrupt
      575. Sound Stone
      576. Speak Friend and Enter
      577. Speak of the Devil
      578. Speed Dating
      579. Stable Time Loop: Events happened because someone went back in time and vice versa.
      580. Staring Contest
      581. Status Quo Game Show
      582. 斩马刀Stay on the Path
      583. Staying with Friends
      584. Stepping Out for a Quick Cup of Coffee
      585. Stolen Good, Returned Better: An item gets stolen and then returned to its owner after being improved.
      586. Stolen MacGuffin Reveal
      587. Stopped Clock
      588. Storyboard Body
      589. Story Breadcrumbs
      590. Stuff Blowing Up
      591. Stuffed into a Locker
      592. Stuffed into a Trashcan
      593. Sub Genre
      594. Suckiness Is Painful: A work is of such bad quality that being forced to view or listen to it is considered torture.
      595. Sudden Videogame Moment
      596. Sugary Malice
      597. Suicidal Cosmic Temper Tantrum
      598. Summoning Ritual
      599. Super-Detailed Fight Narration
      600. Supernatural Aid
      601. Supernaturally Delicious and Nutritious
      602. 斩马刀Survivalist Stash
      603. Survived the Beginning
      604. Suspiciously Specific Sermon
      605. Sweet Polly Oliver: A woman disguises herself as a man.
      606. Switched at Birth
      607. Sympathetic P.O.V.
      608. Talking in Bed
      609. Take a Third Option: When a character has to make a choice, they opt for a new decision that wasn't among the options already given to them.
      610. Take Back Your Gift
      611. Take Over the World: The villain plans to conquer the world.
      612. Tap on the Head
      613. The Tape Knew You Would Say That: Someone talks to a recorded message from someone and the person in the video or recording is able to accurately respond to the statements even though they're not really around to hear what the other person is saying.
      614. Team Rocket Wins: Ineffectual villains achieve a minor victory.
      615. Team Spirit
      616. Televised Torture
      617. Temporal Paradox
      618. Temporary Blindness: A story where a character temporarily gains a disability.
      619. Tempting Fate
      620. Ten Minutes in the Closet
      621. Test and Trial Tropes
      622. 斩马刀There Is No Try
      623. These Questions Three...
      624. Theseus' Ship Paradox: The question of whether something is still the original if every part has been replaced.
      625. The Thing That Would Not Leave: A guest overstays their welcome, much to the dismay of their host.
      626. They Would Cut You Up
      627. Things Get Real
      628. Think Happy Thoughts
      629. Thinks Like a Romance Novel
      630. This Is My Story
      631. This Is as Far as I Go
      632. This Is Something He's Got to Do Himself
      633. This Is Your Brain on Evil
      634. This Means War!
      635. Thought They Knew Already
      636. Three-Act Structure
      637. Thrown Down a Well
      638. Thwarted Escape
      639. Tied-Together-Shoelace Trip
      640. Time Travel: Traveling to the future or past.
      641. To Be Continued... Right Now: The story continues immediately after a fake-out of saying that the story will continue in the next installment.
      642. 斩马刀To the Pain
      643. Tomato Surprise
      644. Tongue-Tied
      645. Total Eclipse of the Plot
      646. Tragic Mistake
      647. Transformation Ray
      648. Trap Door
      649. Trap-Door Fail
      650. Trap Is the Only Option
      651. The Treachery of Images
      652. Treasure Map
      653. Troll Bridge
      654. Trope Trigger
      655. Trust Password
      656. Twisted Echo Cut
      657. Two Girls and a Guy
      658. Two Guys and a Girl
      659. Two Halves Make a Plot
      660. 2 + Torture = 5
      661. Two Scenes, One Dialogue
      662. 斩马刀Two-Timer Date
      663. Unbalanced by Rival's Kid
      664. Un-Confession
      665. Unexpected Inheritance
      666. Unexpected Positive
      667. Unfamiliar Ceiling
      668. Unfolding Plan Montage
      669. Unhand Them, Villain!
      670. Unperson: A person for whatever reason (commonly because they've become disgraced) has all evidence and records of their existence removed or revised to make it seem as if they never existed in the first place.
      671. Unsafe Haven: A sanctuary that is easy to break into.
      672. Unseen Audience
      673. Unspoken Plan Guarantee
      674. Unusually Uninteresting Name
      675. Using You All Along: The hero finds out that their ally was really the villain manipulating them.
      676. Victory-Guided Amnesia: A character wins, but ends up losing their memory of the incident.
      677. Video Wills
      678. Villain Ball: The villain's downfall comes from the inability to resist the urge to continue doing bad things in situations where doing so would be impractical.
      679. Villain: Exit, Stage Left: The villain ends up escaping after their plan is thwarted.
      680. Virus Misnomer
      681. Visible to Believers
      682. 斩马刀Vision Quest
      683. Visions of Another Self
      684. Volleying Insults
      685. Vortex Barrier: The weather itself is used as a means to block the hero from entering an important location.
      686. Wacky Wayside Tribe: A secondary conflict added to keep the story from ending too soon.
      687. Waking Up at the Morgue
      688. Walking Out on the Show
      689. Washington D.C. Invasion
      690. Watching Troy Burn
      691. We ARE Struggling Together
      692. We Are "Team Cannon Fodder"
      693. We Come in Peace — Shoot to Kill
      694. We Need to Get Proof
      695. We Really Do Care
      696. We Should Get Another Tape
      697. Welcome to the Big City
      698. What Year Is This?
      699. When the Clock Strikes Twelve
      700. "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue: The story ends with an epilogue explaining what happened to the characters after the events of the story.
      701. Where It All Began
      702. 斩马刀White Flag
      703. Who Needs Enemies?
      704. Who Will Bell the Cat?
      705. Why Isn't It Attacking?
      706. Wild Teen Party
      707. With a Friend and a Stranger
      708. With Due Respect
      709. Witless Protection Program
      710. Witness Protection
      711. The World Is Always Doomed
      712. World of Silence
      713. The Worst Seat in the House
      714. Wrecked Weapon
      715. Write Back to the Future
      716. Writer's Block
      717. Writing Lines
      718. Written-In Absence: When an actor is unavailable for the current episode, the writers given an in-universe explanation for their character's absence.
      719. Wrong Wire
      720. Xanatos Gambit
      721. Yellow Sash of Power
      722. 斩马刀You ALL Share My Story
      723. You Are Better Than You Think You Are
      724. You Are Grounded
      725. You Are in Command Now
      726. You Are the New Trend
      727. You Can Keep Her
      728. You Can't Fight Fate
      729. You Can't Go Home Again
      730. You Can't Thwart Stage One
      731. You Don't Want to Catch This
      732. You Killed My Father: Hero confronts the villain for killing a loved one.
      733. You Know Who Said That?
      734. You Were Trying Too Hard
      735. You Will Be Beethoven
      736. You Would Make a Great Model

      737. 斩马刀



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