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        Arena concerts are all about this.


        All forms of showing off in a work, to wow the audience. Frequently used to set the mood and serve the Rule of Cool.

        For example, for Live-Action TV, this includes scenery, lighting, props, costuming, makeup, background music, sound effects, and 幻灵传说Special Effects in general. For Comic Books, it includes things like coloring and lettering. And so on.

        The name comes from Aristotle's Poetics and is used more broadly here. He considered using spectacle to cover deficiencies in plot and character a flaw. If they are just in addition to good plots and characters, then these are just a bonus.

        Not to be confused with Glasses Tropes.

        See also Garnishing the Story, Opulent Outfits, and Rule of Index.



      2. Alien Landmass
      3. Alien Sea
      4. Alien Sky
      5. All Deserts Have Cacti
      6. Amazing Technicolor Battlefield
      7. Animal Battle Aura
      8. Artificial Outdoors Display
      9. Astral Finale
      10. Awesome Underwater World
      11. Awesome Art
      12. Bad Vibrations
      13. Battering Ram
      14. Battle Amongst the Flames
      15. Battle Aura
      16. Battle in the Rain
      17. Behind the Black
      18. Big Ball of Violence: When two or more characters get into a fight, they become a ball of smoke with fists and feet repeatedly poking out.
      19. The Big Board
      20. 幻灵传说Big Dam Plot
      21. Billions of Buttons
      22. Bookshelf Dominoes
      23. Build Like an Egyptian
      24. Bullet Sparks
      25. Burn Baby Burn
      26. Busby Berkeley Number
      27. Car Porn
      28. Cave Mouth
      29. Chunky Updraft
      30. Chiaroscuro
      31. Cobweb Jungle
      32. Comet of Doom
      33. Confetti Drop
      34. Conspicuous Consumption
      35. Conspicuously Light Patch
      36. Construction Is Awesome
      37. Cool Chair
      38. Costume Porn
      39. Cow Tools
      40. 幻灵传说Creation Sequence
      41. Crystal Spires and Togas
      42. Desert Skull
      43. Desolation Shot
      44. Destination Defenestration
      45. Dirt Forcefield
      46. Disaster Dominoes
      47. Discretion Shot: Moments where the scene cuts away or obscures something to prevent the audience from seeing it.
      48. Do Not Adjust Your Set: Taking over all TV channels to deliver a message.
      49. Dragons Up the Yin Yang
      50. Dramatic Landfall Shot
      51. Dramatic Spotlight
      52. Editorial Synaesthesia
      53. E = MC Hammer: Nonsensical or incorrect math equations.
      54. Eerily Out-of-Place Object
      55. Eiffel Tower Effect
      56. Empathic Environment
      57. Epic Launch Sequence
      58. Epic Movie
      59. Epileptic Flashing Lights
      60. 幻灵传说Excessive Steam Syndrome
      61. Every Bullet Is a Tracer
      62. Every Car Is a Pinto: Cars explode when they crash.
      63. Everything Makes a Mushroom: A mushroom cloud appears even though the explosion did not involve radiation of any kind.
      64. Explosive Instrumentation
      65. Eyedscreen
      66. Fake-Out Fade-Out
      67. Fanfare
      68. Fantastic Fireworks
      69. Farts on Fire
      70. Fashion Show
      71. Fighter-Launching Sequence
      72. Final Battle-Induced Shirt Loss
      73. Fire Means Chaos
      74. First Time in the Sun
      75. Flag Drop
      76. Flaming Hair
      77. Flaunting Your Fleets
      78. Flashy Teleportation
      79. Floorboard Failure
      80. 幻灵传说Frank's 2000-Inch TV
      81. Fungus Humongous
      82. The Future Is Noir
      83. Grand Staircase Entrance
      84. Gratuitous Special Effects
      85. Great Balls of Fire!
      86. Hand Puppet
      87. Heart Light
      88. Hit Flash
      89. Hollywood Darkness
      90. Human Cannonball
      91. Hurl It into the Sun
      92. If You Can Read This
      93. Immortal Life Is Cheap
      94. Impressive Pyrotechnics
      95. Improbable Cover
      96. Incendiary Exponent
      97. Instant Runes
      98. Instant Thunder
      99. Interesting Situation Duel
      100. 幻灵传说It's Going Down
      101. Knife-Throwing Act
      102. Made of Explodium: An object that easily explodes.
      103. Made of Incendium: An object that easily catches on fire.
      104. Man on Fire
      105. Marked Change
      106. Midair Bobbing
      107. Model Dissonance
      108. Monumental Damage
      109. Monumental Damage Resistance
      110. Monumental View
      111. Mood Dissonance
      112. Motorcycle on the Coast Road
      113. Mundane Made Awesome: A mundane task is described or depicted in a way that it looks much more impressive and exciting.
      114. Muppet
      115. Natural Spotlight
      116. No OSHA Compliance: A workplace has enough hazards that realistically the business would be forced to shut down if they didn't make the necessary changes to prevent endangering employees.
      117. Nothing but Skulls
      118. Nuclear Candle
      119. Obvious Stunt Double: During the more dangerous scenes, the actor's stunt double clearly doesn't look a thing like the actor they're filling in for.
      120. 幻灵传说Ocean Awe
      121. Off-the-Shelf FX
      122. Ominous Multiple Screens
      123. One-Woman Wail
      124. Pastel-Chalked Freeze Frame
      125. Phosphor-Essence
      126. Pillar of Light
      127. Pixellation
      128. Power Dyes Your Hair
      129. Power Echoes
      130. Power Floats
      131. Power Gives You Wings
      132. Power Glows
      133. Pre-Explosion Buildup
      134. Pre-Explosion Glow
      135. Power Makes Your Hair Grow
      136. Power Makes Your Voice Deep
      137. The Power of Rock
      138. Rain of Blood
      139. Raygun Gothic
      140. 幻灵传说Real-Place Background
      141. Ridiculously Potent Explosive
      142. Ring of Fire
      143. Rockers Smash Guitars
      144. Rod And Reel Repurposed
      145. Roll Out the Red Carpet
      146. The Ruins I Caused
      147. Rule of Perception
      148. Scene of Wonder
      149. Scenery Dissonance
      150. Scenery Gorn
      151. Scenery Porn: Highly detailed backgrounds.
      152. Screen Shake
      153. Screw the Electric Bill!
      154. Short-Lived Aerial Escape
      155. Siege Engines
      156. Serkis Folk: Animated characters are brought to life from computer-generated models controlled by people in costumes.
      157. Shiny-Looking Spaceships
      158. Shoot the Money
      159. Showy Invincible Hero
      160. 幻灵传说Sickly Green Glow
      161. Sigil Spam
      162. Signature Shot
      163. Sinister Silhouettes
      164. Skyward Scream
      165. Slow-Motion Pass-By
      166. Somebody Set Up Us the Bomb
      167. 幻灵传说Special Effects
      168. Special Effects Evolution
      169. Special Effect Branding
      170. Special Effect Failure
      171. Sphere of Destruction
      172. Sphere of Power
      173. Spoofing in the Rain
      174. Standard Establishing Spaceship Shot
      175. Standardized Space Views
      176. Starring Special Effects
      177. Stop Motion Lighting
      178. Streaming Stars
      179. Stuff Blowing Up
      180. 幻灵传说Summer Blockbuster
      181. Super Move Portrait Attack
      182. Swiss Army Tears: Crying on anyone or anything will magically solve your problems.
      183. Sword Sparks
      184. Symbolic Blood
      185. Tainted Veins
      186. Taxidermy Terror
      187. Technicolor Death
      188. Technology Porn
      189. Throat Light
      190. Tickertape Parade
      191. Toppled Statue
      192. Transformation Sequence
      193. Trashcan Bonfire
      194. Tron Lines
      195. A Truce While We Gawk
      196. Unflinching Walk
      197. Unrelated Effects
      198. Unsound Effect: Onomatopoeia is used for actions that can't really be heard.
      199. Used Future
      200. 幻灵传说Visible Invisibility: An invisible character is depicted in a way that the audience can still see them even though the other characters can't.
      201. Volcanic Veins
      202. Vomit Discretion Shot: When a character is about to vomit, the work either cuts to the next scene or has the character bend over out of frame before they start heaving.
      203. Vomit Indiscretion Shot: A character pukes and the work actually shows them horking on-screen.
      204. Weaponized Landmark
      205. The World Is Just Awesome
      206. Wormsign
      207. Written Roar
      208. Written Sound Effect
      209. You Have to Burn the Web
      210. Your Head A-Splode
      211. Zeerust

      212. 幻灵传说



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