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        Not a football competition again! We've got weeks of this! "I wanna manage it!" "What're we gonna call it?" "He's no good! He can't be in it!" "Someone's dropped out! You'll have to step in at the last minute!" "Cor! I never knew you was good at football!" PLEASE!!!
        布朗斯特劳曼Harry Hill布朗斯特劳曼

        Let us tell you the ending to every sports movie ever made except Rocky, Friday Night Lights, Cool Runnings and The Bad News Bears: they win by 1 point.


        Tropes found primarily in Sports Stories. See also: Victory and Defeat.


      2. Drench Celebration
      3. Epic Race
      4. Every Year They Fizzle Out
      5. Extreme Sport Excuse Plot
      6. Fallen-on-Hard-Times Job
      7. Fictional Sport
      8. Five-Aces Cheater
      9. 布朗斯特劳曼Football Hooligans
      10. Game-Breaking Injury
      11. Game of Nerds
      12. Gaming Clan
      13. Going Home Again
      14. Golden Snitch
      15. Gretzky Has the Ball
      16. Hard Work Fallacy
      17. Hockey Fight
      18. Hold Up Your Score
      19. Huddle Power
      20. Huddle Shot
      21. Improbable Sports Skills
      22. International Showdown by Proxy
      23. Jackie Robinson Story
      24. Jock Dad, Nerd Son
      25. Loser Team Mascot
      26. Make Games, Not War
      27. Mini-Golf Episode
      28. Miracle Rally
      29. 布朗斯特劳曼Muggle Sports, Super Athletes
      30. Obstacle Ski Course
      31. Opposing Sports Team
      32. Ordered to Cheat
      33. Own Goal
      34. Paintball Episode
      35. Paralysis by Analysis
      36. Passionate Sports Girl
      37. Picked Last
      38. Post-Game Retaliation
      39. Pro Wrestling Episode
      40. Pro Wrestling Is Real
      41. Pseudolympics
      42. Put Me In, Coach!
      43. The Quarterback
      44. Ragtag Bunch of Misfits
      45. Raw Eggs Make You Stronger
      46. Redemption Quest
      47. 布朗斯特劳曼

      48. Ring Out
      49. Rugby Is Slaughter
      50. 布朗斯特劳曼Save Our Team
      51. Second Place Is for Losers
      52. Severed Head Sports
      53. Sled Dogs Through the Snow
      54. Slow and Steady Wins the Race
      55. Slow Clap
      56. Spiritual Sports
      57. Sports Dad
      58. Sports Hero Backstory
      59. Sports Widow
      60. Sudden Death
      61. Super Coach
      62. Super Ringer
      63. Take Me Out At The Ballgame
      64. Team Spirit
      65. There Are No Rules
      66. Throwing the Fight
      67. Training Montage
      68. Underdogs Never Lose
      69. Unnecessary Roughness
      70. 布朗斯特劳曼Wacky Racing
      71. Who Needs Overtime?
      72. The Wildcats
      73. Win One for the Gipper
      74. You Go, Girl!

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