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        铁锤坦克Truth:铁锤坦克 Noun. That which most easily appeals to the fears, hopes, and prejudices of the hearer; in essence, a lie.
        铁锤坦克Lie:铁锤坦克 Noun. That which causes its utterer to be reviled; in essence, the truth.
        铁锤坦克Deceit:铁锤坦克 Noun. Example: A dog rolls on the carcass of a dead possum in order to deceive other animals regarding his identity as a dog (whereas) a man lolls in the scents of church in order to deceive himself regarding his identity as a thief, an adulterer, and a liar (the difference is that the dog does not first have to endure being bored by the possum).
        铁锤坦克Thorax铁锤坦克, 9 Chickweed Lane


        Truth, lies, and deception. If only it were easier to tell them apart. Listed are multiple tropes that fall into one of the three categories. And The Shades of Fact offers insight into their fictional equivalents.


      2. Cannot Tell a Lie: Someone is literally unable to lie.
      3. Cassandra Bystander: Someone confesses a truth, but relies on Refuge in Audacity so it won't be believed.
      4. Cassandra Truth: Someone tells the truth, but nobody believes them.
      5. Contagious Cassandra Truth: Somebody cannot get anybody to believe something they know is true, but they manage to convince one, but nobody else.
      6. Deception Noncompliance: Somebody has to deceive, but they deliberately mess it up.
      7. A Dog Ate My Homework: A student doesn't bring their homework and claims that a dog ate it, which is either a lie or a Cassandra Truth.
      8. Dreaming the Truth: Somebody has a dream that makes them realise the truth.
      9. Eye Contact as Proof: Having someone look you in the eyes while making a claim is the best way to verify the claim.
      10. False Reassurance: Someone tells the absolute truth, but makes it seem like they mean something else.
      11. 铁锤坦克

      12. Food Interrogation: Food is used as a way to get the truth in an interrogation.
      13. Helpful Hallucination: A hallucinated person tells the truth and helps an actual character.
      14. Heroic Vow: A hero makes a promise they will not break.
      15. Honesty Is the Best Policy: Somebody tells the truth, because they feel they do not need to lie.
      16. 铁锤坦克I Gave My Word: Dialogue which basically means "I promised to do or not do something, you can't make me do otherwise", which often turns out to be irrational.
      17. In Vino Veritas: Telling the truth while drunk.
      18. It Was Here, I Swear!: Someone finds something, goes to show somebody else, but by the time they come to see, it's gone.
      19. Lie Detector: Something which can tell whether or not somebody is lying.
      20. Literal Metaphor: The simple truth, mistaken for a metaphor. Often a part of the Prophecy Twist.
      21. Lying Heroes, Honest Villains: A good guy lies, while a villain tells the truth.
      22. No Man of Woman Born: Some sort of prophecy or something says that something cannot happen until something else, which sounds impossible but somehow isn't, does.
      23. No More Lies: A lie that was useful no longer is.
      24. No Poker Face: A character can not hide their emotions, including when they're bluffing.
      25. Not Even Bothering with an Excuse: Somebody doesn't want to help a character but doesn't make an excuse.
      26. "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer: Immediately after the work gives information that sounds like made-up nonsense, the characters or the creator say something to the effect of "We didn't make that detail up, it's actually accurate".
      27. Prophecy Twist: A prophecy comes true, but not in the expected way.
      28. Recorded Spliced Conversation: Trying to pretend that a recording of another person is the actual person speaking.
      29. So Crazy, It Must Be True: Believing a true, but really weird-sounding, story.
      30. Supernaturally Validated Trans Person: Supernatural happenings confirm that a transgender person is the gender they identify with, beyond all reasonable doubt.
      31. Throwing Out the Script: Casting aside your pre-prepared speech to say what you're really thinking.
      32. Truth in Television: A trope which happens in real life.
      33. Truth Serums: A drug which makes the taker be honest.
      34. Truth-Telling Session: Many truths being confessed during a crowd argument.
      35. 铁锤坦克Villains Never Lie: A villain tells the truth in a manipulative way.
      36. Will Not Tell a Lie: Someone who technically can lie, but chooses not to.
      37. 铁锤坦克

        For outright fabrications that may never be discovered as such.
        See also Dirty Social Tricks and Fiction Never Lies.


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